Thursday, July 1, 2010

Strontium in the morning

Over the last few weeks we've been on low-intensity ops, slowly knocking out some towers in the Pure Blind area. A few days ago we turned up the heat and got back on the Cry Havoc eviction treadmill. We tried several times to kick them out before MAX 2 started and basically managed to lose some subcap fleets. This time we're bringing some numbers and capitals and have reinforced so many structures that the timer app is longer than my screen, so we're probably serious about it.

Cloud Ring and and southern Pure Blind (where CH lives) are basically part of NC territory, but are usually held by hostiles. We don't really need the space, it's hard to defend because of its' distance from tribute and anybody who moves in there would need to be really good in order to hold the stations against the local alliances.

Cry Havoc have skill and great fleet numbers for their size. They're an alliance I respect so it's sort of a shame we have to kill them, but they and Ev0ke allied with the SC during MAX 2 so they've got to go. Or at least suffer -- I doubt they'll leave the area even if we retake all the moons and stations.

Well, whatever. Hoping for some good fights over the next few days.

Reinforcement timers

Shooting the Cry Havoc station again.

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