Saturday, August 14, 2010

Screenshot Saturday: No Pushing!

Just a capital fleet undocking. I think this is the h-w station during the recent max 2 campaign; don't quote me on that though, because there seem to still be people in phoenixes....


  1. Very nice shot! It would be awesome if someone could race a titan into that mess and bump everyone all over the grid.

  2. I have a shot somewhere of titans and capitals being fleet warped together, but I didn't get one after the bouncing was finished. Kind of a shame, because I think that was the time we bumped a titan 200 km.

    Heh, on a related note this one time we were bashing stations in cloud ring and a goon titan pilot kept warping to the middle of the station. The titan would get bounced so hard it was off grid in a couple of seconds, along with anything that got in its way. Good times.

  3. Speaking of Titans, looks like CO2 had their asses handed to them recently in U-HYMT (Provi). Karma is a bitch.

    CO2 moves into Provi and starts pushing around the pets that AAA installed. Then when they get their asses handed to them AAA jumps in to help beat down the PETS. Very endearing on AAA's part don't you think?

  4. All I really know about AAA is that they showed up late to the last war and left when the going got tough, but I squeed when I saw that killmail. CO2 is probably the only ex-NC alliance that I disliked when they were still in the NC; when I was with WI we were actually shooting CO2 blues for a while (a glorious 8-ish hours before diplos sorted it out) because they shot WI members who had killed neutral macros in venal which turned out to be CO2 alts....

    Plus, properly tanked supercaps give me warm fuzzies. Way too many people fit like dominion never happened.

  5. Nice to see NC taking back Geminate space. Razor going to jump in there as well?

  6. Spai!

    Don't know myself, actually. Most of rzr is back in the north now and I'm going to be moving my ships back soon, so hopefully we'll be getting in on any interesting fleets. During the roadtrip none of the other scheduled NC fleets have been on our op timer, so it's been hard to get in on them.