Monday, May 16, 2011

General update, including DRF vs NC

War news first.

The DRF have taken the rest of vale and geminate, and the sitaution has stabilized. They reinforced a couple of stations in tribute but as far as I know didn't make a real attempt at taking them.

Hitting tribute brought DC into the war on our side. The DRF responded to this with denial of service attacks against NC communications infrastructure (jabber, etc.), proving once and for all that they are cheating scum.

The current situation is that nothing important is being reinforced. We haven't started a counterattack, and the enemy haven't made a serious push into tribute. Fighting is mostly over towers.

In general eve news, CCP have decided to nerf jump bridges by limiting them to 1 per system, meaning you have to use gates alternating with jump bridges. This makes them basically completely useless except as shortcuts; the only way to move safely is with a carrier or nullified T3. I already have them, but fucking over players who are poor, have low sp or don't multibox seems sort of stupid.

The real mystery to me is why they're dicking about with jump bridges instead of fixing technetium and supercarriers, which are actually broken.

As for me personally, I'm at sort of a crossroads where eve is concerned. I haven't been playing lately.

This is partly because I'm a super pilot, and super pilots are permanently on "standby" while anything important is going on. So I got out of the habit of even getting in subcapital fleets at the beginning of the war, and every fleet where I actually got to do something turned into superlag bullshit which made me instantly bittervet.

So, I haven't been playing. I'm also not sure I want to, which is made more interesting by the fact that my corp is closing at the end of the month due to director fatigue.

I'm going to try and get in fleets over the next few weeks to see if I even find it fun any more. If I do, I'll find another corp in razor or MM. If not, I'll probably just let my characters lapse into NPC corps. I'm working on setting up a capital shipyard, and some time to focus on that would be nice; if I move to another NC corp, I'll probably just take combat characters and my holding alt, and leave carebears out for now.

While I was writing this I actually got in a fleet and there was a fight. We lost and I'm not sure what we were fighting over, but it was sort of fun.


  1. Join RG like most of the others are! The corp closure sucks of course, but you shouldn't let that pull you away from Razor. If you don't like RG you can always change your plans later on down the line. Another alliance would probably be alright too as long as you stay within the NC. The bottom line is, you're needed in the north, now more than ever. That SC nerf should be coming in June too, which may very well shake things up for the better.

    "While my corporation are a fine bunch of folks, and while my alliance is the most competent I have been in, they are just the place I live. The organization to which I am most loyal is the northern coalition as a whole, for the reason that I actually believe the leadership has the best interests of the coalition at heart. I can be confident of this because they have spent years building the coalition into the uniquely successful organization it is today, cultivating a highly resilient cooperative model rather than the cult of personality which has failed so many alliances recently." --Parasoja (FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2010)

  2. Eh, yeah. I can't exactly up and quit while there's a war ongoing, but I have sort of a general discontentment with the game at all levels at the moment.

    Corp. It's closing, and as it turns out the corp was actually something special. Won't find another like it.

    Alliance. After I called out a CEI director for using a macro, sinsation threatened to kick my corp. Since we claim to have a no macro policy I found that really interesting, although lately I've stopped caring; since the DRF cheat openly, we might as well take whatever advantages we can. There's also the whiny bitches who hang out on the killboard just to flame peoples' ratting fits, because apparently we are a serious business elite internet spaceship alliance or some shit. You'd think they would have something better to do.

    Coalition. I brought up the issue of "hey guys, maybe we should take all this technetium and get us some frick'n supercarriers before somebody steamrolls us" in dnd several times over a long period, and here we are getting steamrolled. Also it would be nice if we could stop being the victims for a while and fuck somebody else up for a change.

    0.0 warfare. We've got all these awesome new subcapital fleets and all that matters are fucking supers. Also, bittervet from lagfights; when you're flying a supercapital and the node is unresponsive, you usually don't have the option of just logging out and hoping for the best. I might not mind losing the ship exactly, but sitting in that shit for six or eight hours is stressful.

    0.0 in general. I'm tired of doing exploration, and I don't think there's really any other gameplay out here that I'm interested in. Except pvp, and that has issues as noted.

    Eve in general. It's nice and all but I'm old, rich and getting bittervet. There's nothing left that's challenging; I could get into PI or wormholes or something, but it's just a matter of adapting existing skills to new circumstances. Plus I've started to get involved with this other MMO called real life, which looks like it can be okay if you put enough time into it.

    CCP. Just waiting to see how they fuck over 0.0 next.

    So there's all that; but on the other hand, it's the NC. Makes decisions tricky.

  3. So much bullshit...

    DRF are cheating scum, but when the NC DDOS'ed DRF teamspeak during the battle of Uemon when NC lost half it's titan's and then during the 4/8 titan kills in 020, NC was playing by the rules?

    Conclusion: you're a bit of a retard, aren't you?

  4. Your TS failed when it was under more load than it ever had been before? Shocking!

    Sorry brah, we didn't do that. If we had I would have been first in line to participate, because NC servers (and some others, e.g. en24) have been under attack intermittently since january. Some were recently knocked offline for weeks.

    So... you're a bit of a retard, aren't you?

    Shoo. Trolls are not welcome here.