Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Elite solo pvp

I keep a proteus (and a falcon) docked in my building system for those times when people feel like being nuisances. Usually I'm either substantially outgunned or they run away as soon as I undock, but this time one of them and his friend engaged.

Of course, they then used a bait drake to get me to engage, undocked three battleships, and neuted me all to fuck, but ~fully passive tank~ and I was still above 50% armor when the docking timer wound down.


  1. Two Brothers Mining Corp? No way! The corp I used to be in flew with those guys back in the day. Small world.

    1. It doesn't happen as often any more, since I've been out of actually interacting with people for a few years, but every so often that sort of thing will happen to me. Recognize somebody's name and, hey, they doomsdayed me back in '08, sort of thing.