Saturday, May 17, 2014

Not halting capital production just yet

Capital prices are shooting up, presumably in advance of the industry changes, and the changes themselves have been pushed back to 2 months from the time of posting. At this time I am NOT shutting down production. Unfortunately I'm a little short on liquidity after buying the titan blueprint, but I do have a few runs worth of isk sitting around.

There will have to be a shutdown after the patch, though. Even if the market remains solid continuing will mean refactoring my entire process, and whether or not I have the motivation to do that is unknown.


  1. I think many large industrialist are going to be shutting down after the patch hits. Its going to be interesting how prices react. My research, nor production was at all large scale, but with all the changes I'll me taking down my tower and halting all the research.
    I'm really interested how 3rd party tools will be able to replicate ingame manufacturing pricing.

  2. I have one question: Why are so many industrialist shutting down?

    1. Well, most generally, the changes are just sort of bullshit. They make things harder and more complicated for no reason, which is the opposite of what reworking a system is supposed to do.

      Less generally, if somebody wants to build in null and transport to high or low they have a huge advantage (like, 10-20%), and some high and low producers are less than enthusiastic about that.

      Also, for capitals in particular, in addition to the above the compression changes mean there will be a period before the patch hits when we can't buy minerals to compress because the compression wouldn't finish before the patch hits, and then a period afterward when the market doesn't yet have enough ore for compression, so there's going to be an interruption in our ability to produce no matter what.