Thursday, June 17, 2010

Keeping the pain train rolling

In followup to yesterday, word on the street is that the ships which jumped out of system before dying appeared in space after downtime pilotless. Most sources are saying that we recovered 5, though my best information is that we recovered 3 out of 6 titans, 2 really died, 1 was taken by an enemy pilot and all 3 motherships were recovered.

Screenshot of Rolk's Drift's avatar on scan prior to recovery.
Or a fake, since at this point you can pretty much believe whatever you want.

In any case, today we formed up about 450 people and went out reinforcing a bunch of ROL towers in Pure Blind. They're coming out of reinforced around downtime on saturday, which isn't really the best time for me to attend. As I post this we we're out reinforcing towers with a somewhat smaller fleet after going home to refuel. I'll post if we get hotdropped or anything, but it's past enemy prime time.

A screenshot, just because it's been too long since I've taken one

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