Saturday, November 26, 2011

Capital manufacturing status update

The first naglfar rolled off the assembly line in my new system. They use some capital mods that I hadn't been stocking already, so I figured it was time to get around to properly stocking the system. So I did.

(3.6b total)

The goal is to stock enough of each mod to fit 2 ships that use them, and just restock whenever I bring in minerals for a new production run. This loadout does that, though I am thinking of switching up to 20 of each type of fighter.

One interesting thing is that isotopes sell pretty quickly. At first I brought 100k of each type, but they sold in a matter of hours at a 20% markup over jita. So, I switched to 400k units and marked them up 30%.

In theory there's an opportunity to make a semi-meaningful profit there, but I'm not a trader; I'm providing isotopes in order to make the system an attractive place to buy a ship, not to supply people who already own them. I figure I'll increase the markup by 10% each time until they sell slowly enough to not be a bother. A large markup should prevent people from buying hundreds of thousands of units just to have a stockpile, but to somebody buying a few tens of thousands of units in order to move a ship somewhere it doesn't represent a significant amount of isk.

In other news, manufacturing is going pretty okay. I predicted this would be a good month, and it has been. I haven't sold as many ships as I would have liked, but after the recent price spike when crucible changes were announced I started building dreads flat out. They're slower to build than carriers and the occasional rorqual, like I was doing before, but they make up for it with larger margins.

Unfortunately, the price spike seems to be starting to wind down. Phoenix, moros and (arguably) naglfar are peaking now, the last ships to do so, while everything else has started to come down. Fortunately, I'm ~clever~ and started to prioritize phoenixes, moros, and naglfar when revelations were peaking, so hopefully I can catch those spikes and make next month as good as this one.


  1. Not shouting my location from the mountaintops is mostly a matter of habit. I can't think of any good reason it should be a secret.

  2. Especially since you're trying to get more business, ha.

    Let me know when you expand into Lonetrek - I have an alt cooking that might be able to do some sort of complementary market-making by then.