Thursday, April 1, 2010

IT vs NC day 1: Wyvern down

Over the last couple days, with real combat operations yet to start our focus has basically been on thwarting, intercepting subcap (and cap, in the one case) trains, reinforcing and destroying IT & pet staging towers and ganking incautious capitals (14 as of last night). It's not that this sort of thing will, you know, change anything - the amounts of isk involved are trivial - but after the war with Tri et. al we're ready to rock, and it's good to start a war with a proactive stance.

Today we formed up for a supercap > cap > everything else op, but our subcapital fleet engaging theirs caused widespread lag with "nodes crashing everywhere" per report. With capitals unsuitable to use under those conditions, those of us in the cap fleet returned to base and reshipped to subcapitals. IT moved all their pilots to X-7, where the subcapital fight was going down, and the system was apparently capped at 1000 players.

The repurposed capital fleet made it into X-7 4 hours after the original formup, at which point local was 840. There was an extended engagement on the station with a sizable enemy capital and supercapital fleet on the field, though we were for the most part only killing subcaps. The enemy warped titans to zero on us repeatedly to bump, and I'm certain we took a lot of losses but it was one of the best fights I've been in.

We bounced around the system, having a number of running engagements and ganking targets that had been scanned down, and eventually the IT fleet disengaged. A fairly large number of subcapitals had been killed in addition to, since I had joined the fleet, 4 carriers, a dread and, to top it off, an IT Wyvern that had somehow wandered outside the pos shield.

Wyvern kill

EDIT: Adding killboard link for the day. 48 billion killed for 20 billion lost, with killmails still coming in at the time of writing.

Titans bumping us

Brackets on after IT left the station

Killing a revelation with IT camped inside their pos

Killing the wyvern

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