Friday, April 9, 2010

IT vs NC: General update and CO2 aeon down

Not a whole lot happening on the war front. There have been countless small battles and a few large ones, but nothing major in terms of strategic objectives. We've continued to stonewall Atlas in the east, where after failing to achieve positive isk ratios with medium hull fleets they switched to battleships and got steamrolled. They took a two-day break after that, then jumped a smaller battleship fleet into a camped gate, which didn't really work out for them. One hopes they will tire of being cannon fodder for IT eventually; if we can shut down one front it will have a huge impact on the war.

On the IT front there have been a bunch of small ( < 500) battles and a handful of larger ones, which to my knowledge haven't achieved anything for us in the way of ~strategic objectives~ or even positive isk ratios for the most part, though I've only made it to a few. I believe we've continued to lose technetium moons at a steady pace, which is the only thing IT has shown interest in so far.

To date nobody has used significant numbers of capitals. We had a few false alarms about Atlas forming up, but those didn't pan out.

Finally, as per the title CO2 lost an aeon. For those who don't know, CO2 are one of the indigenous alliances living in and around our space, who take advantage of any opportunities to try and kill the NC. I know there have been battles against CO2 recently, but I don't know which front they're on of if they're just doing their shooting-moons-in-venal thing again. The aeon was lost to Rebellion alliance, who I'm not familiar with; by standings they're neutral to us.

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