Saturday, April 3, 2010

IT vs NC day 3: Battles and situation update

I didn't make it to the fights in x-7 today (my work hours seem to be when most euro time ops go down) but by the time I logged on we had already killed some 17 hostile capitals in x-7 and lost a bunch of battleships and two technetium moons in another system. Apparently we had some hostile supercapitals tackled at some point, including Molle's titan alt Shrike, but they were able to escape.

Aftermath in x-7, stolen from CAOD

The eastern front has gotten busy in the last two days, with Atlas reinforcing towers and incapping jump bridges in systems close to their lowsec staging point and us reinforcing their staging towers. Most of the fighting over there is being taken care of by the eastern NC alliances (Majesta and RAGE), whose staging system is in that area. There have been a number of subcapital fights there which I haven't been involved in.

Apparently goons are also being attacked by someone, which makes a third front out of the supposed five. I don't have any reliable intel about this area (or whether goons are fail cascading or not), but according to some forum posts the attackers reinforced 8 highends and took 5, with goons repping 3.

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