Monday, April 5, 2010

IT vs NC day 4: War on three fronts

There has been lots of shiny pew pew against Atlas on the eastern front, with a fairly pitched (node-destroying) battle in p3 yesterday. Atlas and co. were heavily outnumbered (note that many people are on both sides, so numbers aren't actually accurate) and lost a bunch of medium hulls as well as their POS in the system. In amusing news, apparently Molle claimed on teamspeak that Atlas had taken an NC station....

On the IT front, later in the in the evening we formed up to go to the x-7 area where a pair of towers of ours were coming out of reinforced and I got to take my logistics ship into a real fight for the first time.

Just as we jumped into the destination system the enemy bridged in to a snipe spot above the gate and we were bubbled by dictors. This set the tone for most of the rest of the fight, with us warping to them, them warping off and bubbling us. We spent some time playing at the gate and at a friendly pos which was coming out of reinforced. Some friendly carriers cynoed to the pos to rep, and fortunately gave us some too.

I think I can say with complete accuracy that NC dictors are terrible; they tend to bubble us when we land 30 km off an enemy fleet, any time a red appears on grid, or just at random. Hopefully we'll get better over the course of the war.

In any case, eventually we got a good warpin and trapped a significant portion of the enemy fleet. With them in our optimals we stayed on the field. As a logi I was desparately trying to rep people who were broadcasting for armor, but when something gets called primary by a fleet like that they die. In retrospect, with primaries dying before my armor rep cycle could complete it would have been better to pick somebody with armor damage who wasn't primary and rep them fully before switching to a new target.

After a few minutes of fighting they started targeting our logistics and I got podded home. Our fleet left the system soon after, and from what is showing on the killboards so far it looks like a moderate loss for us isk-wise and we lost the towers, but the carriers appear to have survived. GF IT.

Flying logi was interesting; not being able to save people is frustrating, but it's a completely different game than the whole shooting people thing. I learned some things, and I'll have to play with it a bit more before I decide if it's something I'd like to do full time.

NC being hilariously terrible on the pos

In which there are not enough reps

Brackets on before getting podded

On the Cloud Ring front, Cry Havoc killed a titan. The pilot shows neutral to me, so I don't know how or if this will affect the war. Still -- titan kill.

Early monday morning EVE time a fleet headed down to Cloud Ring to help our Goonie friends out a bit. We titan bridged to near a goon station which looks to have been reinforced and a small enemy fleet in system buggered out. We burned two jumps to where Goons had engaged the enemy on the stargate, jumped in and dropped a triage carrier. Although a smaller fight, the battle went very well, with the carrier giving us a strong advantage and the enemy not warping off until a significant portion had died.


As a final note, a black ops mercenary gang has been hanging out in our staging system pretty much nonstop for the last several days. I suppose this is the same sort of thing that Molle said would be operating in the Branch area. The mercs obviously have a lot of isk to throw around, with reports of multiple cloaking nightmares and machariels ready to gank people.

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