Friday, April 30, 2010

Map: NC and aggressors

Another sov map edit, this time highlighting the NC and relevant enemy alliances.

Green: NC
Pink: SC

Sorry about the pink; I tried to avoid it, but contrast and readability are much better this way.

Cult of War and AAA are deploying north to attack us and have been colored accordingly. Pets who are defending IT space were colored along with IT because with PL attacking that area they are relevant to the larger war. Also, 'citizens' type alliances were colored along with their masters because presumably they support the war effort with rent or industrial activities.

I don't have a complete list of who rents from whom so a number of probable AAA and Atlas renters were left gray. The drone lands coalition were left gray as well because although they have been intermittently involved on the side of the enemy they haven't deployed in significant force.

Credit goes to the people who made the coalition map, of course.

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