Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Elite solo pvp

I keep a proteus (and a falcon) docked in my building system for those times when people feel like being nuisances. Usually I'm either substantially outgunned or they run away as soon as I undock, but this time one of them and his friend engaged.

Of course, they then used a bait drake to get me to engage, undocked three battleships, and neuted me all to fuck, but ~fully passive tank~ and I was still above 50% armor when the docking timer wound down.

March monthly financial report

This month was a semi-okay month.
Actual profits were around 8 billion, but a bunch of things happened which resulted in that number being different from the change in net worth.

Also, I'm still using the old 'buy' prices for capital blueprints. This is because I bought them at that price. This will continue for April, with the approximately 60-day turaround time my tower gives, and be updated to the new prices for May.

EDIT: "Research items sold" should read "8".