Saturday, May 30, 2015

Indy contributor: Combined April and May update

Sales went down due to parasites invading my station orders, but I am pretty safe. I have too many orders set up to be beaten by t2 market refillers, so instead of stopping me these people are actually helping me keep my trade hub in shape -- I just don't have 12 hours per month to invest into the game, but they do, and I'm willing to take a back seat and watch the clockwork tick. Money I made on market I invested into research on my capital blueprints, specifically chimearas, thanatoses and one naglfar.

I think it would be wise to give some advice to people who might want to set up their own personal hubs. First and foremost, you need to work really hard -- set up as many different orders for PvP, POS, Sov, Support, and PI items, and so on, as you can. The more you put there, the more customers you get. Second, you need to be persistent. Customers don't come during first day, week, or month, they come over time randomly. You need to wait a certain amount of time before they discover you. Three, you need little bit of luck to draw hard workers who buy large quantities of items

Proximity to PVPers matters a lot. Put your trade hub in a far corner of space and nobody will ever see it. A good location also means good margins, and this past month I was able to increase margins on few items I've had in stock for a while and they're still selling well. Don't work harder, work smarter!

Parasoja's Notes:

Because I'm lazy, that's why.

Also, the list of months is getting long, so I reversed the order. Newer entries are now on top.