Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monthly financial report (august)


Number of ships sold: Only runs (which for my purposes may consist of multiple ships) which are complete appear on the report. This means that if a ship has been sold, but another ship in the same run hasn't been sold, the sold ship does not appear here. I sold 7 ships this month which do not appear on the report.

When the last ship from a run sells, I delete its' entries from my tables of manufacturing run mineral values and partial-run sold ships. This results in my total net worth figure increasing by the difference between the jita price of the minerals for the run and what I actually spent. At that time I also move the run to the monthly section of the spreadsheet.

Manufacturing liquidity figure: This is fun to calculate because of the issue with partial runs -- with multi-ship runs I don't know how much each ship costs, only the run as a whole. What I do in this case is calculate the jita price of the minerals for the ships in a run at the time I bought them (usually slightly more than I actually spend on the minerals, thanks to buy orders), and when a ship from a partial run is sold I subtract the jita mineral price from the manufacturing liquidity figure. This is subtracted from the total value of active runs (currently 19321 million) and divided by 1000 to find the manufacturing liquidity figure of 14.99 billion.

Overhead: A nontrivial portion of the taxes and fees figure are the result of my using buy orders to get minerals. It saves money overall, but the taxes from buy orders are lumped under overhead rather than being included in the build cost. So, like, the taxes and fees number is partially offset by larger margins in the manufacturing section.

Things which are not related to science and industry moneymaking do not appear on the monthly numbers section, so if I buy too many timecards and pretty dresses my net worth could actually decrease month-over-month. It could also increase more than ([monthly profit] - [2 timecards]) from sales of assets stuck in 0.0, mission running if I ran missions, that sort of thing.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rixx Javix is a bad person in real life

I don't know what started these long and increasingly ridiculous posts about rixx javix, or why new ones keep happening, but it has come time for me to take a side.

Rixx javix made fluttershy cry. He also kicks puppies.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh god more spreadsheets

Is it better to buy minerals from sell orders, or to make a buy order? Find the answer, using the power of spreadsheets!

What is this I don't even? Well, instead of pasting all the maths here, since I doubt anybody would be interested, I'll tell you how it's used, which is the important part. Nobody is likely interested in that either, but whatever.

1. Once I know the mineral quantities that I need, they go in the 'units needed' row of the top table.

2. For each mineral I check the in-game market for two values:

2a. The per-unit price for the lowest-price sell order which fulfills my mineral requirements. This goes in 'market price' in the second table.

2b. The per-unit price which I would offer if I were to make a buy order, which is usually 0.01 isk above the current highest buy order of significant quantity. This number goes in the 'buy order price' column of the second table.

3. I then go to the 'buy order taxed' column of the second table. This figure is equal to the 'buy order price' column multiplied by 1.0075, which is the tax rate on buy orders (with perfect skills, of course), meaning that I can save money if there are any minerals for sale for less than that number. I check each mineral for cheaper sell orders, and buy them. The quantity purchased goes in the columns in the 'bought' section of the top table, and the 'still need' row and column change to reflect how many minerals I still need.

Usually the 'difference' number being red means I will not need to place a buy order for that mineral, and it being black means I will not buy anything from the market, but there are exceptions.

The screenshot above is for build #14 after I finished step 3. Note that 'bought' entries only appear for those minerals with red in the 'difference' column.

4. Once that is done, I make buy orders for everything that's left, then check back every so often and play the 0.01 isk game until my buy orders are filled. I used to have a rule against playing 0.01 isk games, but I rarely need to change the price more than maybe twice. Not exactly a huge time sink.

  • Note: In case you couldn't tell, the 'difference after tax' figure tells me how much I save by making a buy order instead of buying from market. It's not exact, and isn't actually used for anything, but it is nice.
  • Note: I'm not actually sure this is the best way to do things, and I am sure the spreadsheet could be cleaned up a lot. I just converted this from an impromptu tool which I had been using until now, and invented the process as I wrote the post.
  • Note: The bottom table is arranged perpendicular to the top table, and in a different order, for ease of use.
  • Note: The 'still need' column and row are identical. Having the data in both tables just makes things easier.
  • Note: I round mineral quantities I buy up a little because my spreadsheet reads very slightly low when calculating minerals. This is periodically corrected -- when all component runs on my build tracker are in progress, I can see how much excessive minerals have built up, and those numbers are put into the 'bought' row of the top table when I start the next run.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Moar spreadsheets

My per-run-component-progress-spreadsheet-tool-thing (shown below) is good for keeping track of the progress of capital ship building runs.

Klikkin ter expander
(pictured here without color key)

However, it's not very good at all for telling me what ships I should be building components for next. Ideally one would like to have the components for the next run of a ship finish building before the hull from the previous run finishes, allowing one to keep the hull blueprint in manufacturing at all times. So I made another tool to track the status of blueprints.

In one or two previous posts I had talked about how I might be starting to get ahead of the curve on finishing components before the hull blueprints became available, and here you can (sorta, if you squint) see the actual status of this. EDIT: Basically, dark blue cells are where I'm winning. With two drone bay blueprints I can build drone bays for all 4 carriers in about 6 days, so I am quickly getting ahead of carrier builds (with the exception of an extremely unfortunate thanatos from build 5, which is a long story), but freighters are still lagging because I only have one construction parts blueprint in jita -- it takes 5 to 8 days to build the construction parts for one freighter, but only 10-ish days to build a freighter. Thus, it takes up to 24 days to build the construction parts for three freighters, which would be enough time to build 7-1/2-ish freighters if my three hull blueprints were fully utilized. I'm going to have to do the math on buying components from the market to fill in until my second construction parts blueprint for jita finishes research.

(Idea: Orcas require 7 types of components to build, but construction parts and cargo bays, which I already have the blueprints for in jita, comprise 2/3 of the components used. Instead of spending 5-ish bil and months of research on the other 5 blueprints, I could just get the other components from the market. If the price is right.)

Note that on this tool, when a 'get mins' magenta colored box has a date in it, that means I can leave off starting to build the components until that date, for whatever reason. In the case of the chimera, the drone bay blueprints, which are the longest part of a carrier build, won't be available until the 21st, so I don't need to get started on that yet; plus I'll want to pick up minerals for some other ships at the same time (thanatos, archon and probably two rorqual). In the case of the charon I need to wait for construction parts for the obelisk to finish (1 day left) and then do construction parts for the providence (another 5-8 days), and it will be trivial to have the rest of the components finished before the construction parts blueprint is finally ready for the charon build.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Spreadsheets so alone

It had to be done.
I don't know what it means.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Heavy industry

That's basically what's happening right now. All those are set to finish in the next 10 days.

My goal should be to have all ship blueprints in production at all times, and at the moment I'm pretty close -- two carrier blueprints aren't in production at the moment because things are still out of whack from when I only had one drone bay BPO. This will probably still take a few more weeks to resolve.

Dreadnaughts are proving to be interesting. I've decided that I probably won't produce phoenixes for now, because the margins just aren't very impressive. I might get into them in a few months if it turns out that my component blueprints are underutilized and if I have the spare isk (things are looking good on the spare isk front).

The naglfar is interesting. The margins look awesome from sell orders, but the volume is extremely low. I put the one I used to fly on the market about a month ago; it hasn't sold, and there are about five other people selling them and pricing their order to lowest on market multiple times per day. On the other hand, selling straight to buy orders I would make about 148 mil -- as much as selling a phoenix via sell order, and with less taxes. If my component blueprints are indeed underutilized, this will probably be my first option.

Not pictured are research jobs, freighters and freighter components. Freighters are currently in a similar state to carriers, with two out of three hull blueprints not in manufacturing at the moment. It takes about 10 days to build a freighter, and about 10 days to build the cargo bays for a freighter using one blueprint, and in about a month I'll have a 1:1 ratio of cargo bay to freighter blueprints, so this too should resolve.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Capital manufacturing status update

Two weeks ago, in my previous post on the subject, I said that I was starting to do capital manufacturing and that it was only partially set up. Today it's still only partially set up, but a lot more so.

The manufacturing alt corp is up and running, and soon most of my manufacturing and research jobs will be installed on behalf of the corp.

In July I finished two build runs (a 'run' being an instance of me buying minerals and moving them to the building station, and 'finished' happening when the ships built from those minerals are sold), for a total of 4 ships, and currently I have five runs in various stages of completion for a total of 13 ships: 7 carriers, 2 rorquals, 3 freighters and a dreadnaught.

Build progress

Ideally one would like to have all ship blueprints in production at all times, but at the moment I'm experiencing component bottlenecks with drone bays and cargo bays, having only one researched blueprint of each. A second original blueprint of each of those each will be finishing research in the next 12 hours, though, so hopefully this issue will be under control soon.

I'm now starting dreadnaught manufacturing, as my siege array and turret hardpoint blueprints finished research a few hours ago (launcher hardpoint is finishing tomorrow), and I plan to pick up minerals for another dread or two later today. Unlike the other capitals I do not have BPO for dreads, and this is okay because highly researched dreadnaught BPC are pretty cheap. The dreadnaught market is sort of peculiar -- they mostly have good margins, but they sell very slowly. In some cases, like the naglfar, if I already have one on the market I can sell straight to buy orders, but in others (phoenix) the buy orders are actually lower than the mineral cost.

Also, I lack a fenrir BPO. I suppose it isn't surprising they aren't being sold much, since there are decent margins on freighters at the moment. I'll just have to wait for one to show up at a reasonable price.

Finally, in terms of me always being right, in my monthly financial report poast three days ago I asserted that I would be making more per month than the 450 mil I made in July. So far this month I have made 50% more.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thanks google

I am the number one search result for "eve fail" "why eve fails" and "the california state automobile aSSOCIATION GOING TO HELL".

I actually didn't mean for that to happen.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Monthly financial report

That's right I am carebear like a boss now, all up in the spreadsheets n' shit.

But serious, now that I'm doing manufacturing I actually sort of need to track this stuff.


I made 450 mil in july, which is enough for 1 plex. I need to make enough for 2 each month.

Fortunately july has very little to do with earning potential from manufacturing, and I'll actually still be making a lot more from copying than this shows.