Wednesday, May 21, 2014


I've been selling researched capital component blueprints for nearly three years now, and it's a fairly regular occurrence for somebody to contact me about one, usually asking if they can buy it for just a little less. These people are scammers. I've never gotten a legitimate offer for a blueprint.

Recently I was once again contacted by somebody, but instead of wanting to pay less they want me to get in touch with them to negotiate a price for moving the blueprint to a different system before they bought it. Obviously they were going to try a gank, so I moved it in my blockade-gu without trying to negotiate a fee and set up a contract for jita price.

They accepted the contract, then sent me an extra 70m for moving it. For surprising me I sent back the 70m plus all the blueprint profits.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Not halting capital production just yet

Capital prices are shooting up, presumably in advance of the industry changes, and the changes themselves have been pushed back to 2 months from the time of posting. At this time I am NOT shutting down production. Unfortunately I'm a little short on liquidity after buying the titan blueprint, but I do have a few runs worth of isk sitting around.

There will have to be a shutdown after the patch, though. Even if the market remains solid continuing will mean refactoring my entire process, and whether or not I have the motivation to do that is unknown.

Research: Step-down and cleanup

The markets for capital component and hull blueprints are flooded with people trying to sell well researched blueprints for not very much more than NPC price. I haven't been buying blueprints since the devblog, and I'm selling off researched prints (the ones I can, anyway) and taking everything else out of research as soon as it hits 10/10, to sell post-patch. The tower will come down once all the slots are empty.

Some of my research will continue post-patch. I'll plan to be working on a set of optimal hull blueprints despite the 4 year ETA (I've been playing for nearly twice that long already), and I may as well put some more research on my supercapital prints since I can't do anything else with them.