Sunday, April 24, 2011

DRF vs NC: We're fucked

Yesterday a station came out of reinforced in vale. We formed up about 700 guys and got in system first. When the station came out, hostiles jumped in 154 supercapitals.

We can't compete with that, not even close. So what happens now?

1. The NC dies. Russians take all the technetium, have infinite supercarriers and take over all of 0.0 so they can macro and RMT in peace. Eve dies.
2. The offensive stops at some point. We will keep fighting, of course, as long as we have the will; the dominion system makes taking defended sov difficult, and if we can save one timer out of 5-ish the enemy have to start over. PL's contract will end at some point (rumored to be only for geminate and vale) and it's possible the enemy offensive will run out of steam.
3. DC goes all-in on our side. I don't think even this would actually give us enough supers to go toe to toe, but it would let us offer much more resistance. Maybe even enough to stabilize the front lines.

As for me, now is the time for a partial evacuation to minimize risk exposure. Combat ships and fittings stay, of course; so does isk-making infrastructure, which I keep in one station and ensure it can fit in a carrier. Capitals other than the evacuation carrier, ships I'm not using and other high value assets all go to lowsec.

I'm doing this prematurely, mind you; but prematurely is the only appropriate time and it's as much a psychological thing as it has to do with the actual value of the assets assets. Being prepared to lose space, knowing that you can do it in a controlled manner and that you have resources to fall back on, enables you to face impending doom without losing perspective; whichever way the war goes, it goes according to plan.

What I actually suspect will happen is that the DRF will take geminate and vale, PL's contract will end and NC leadership will remove their heads from their asses and turn all that technetium into supercarriers and/or hire PL.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

DRF vs NC: General war update.

[02:21:51] Ezekiel Sulastin > 02:21:37 Combat Your Aurora Ominae hits Pith Usurper, doing 2786850.4 damage.

-Combat operations in tenal

Not a lot of progress one way or the other. Evoke and tri (NCdot) are attacking pure blind a little and being stonewalled by goons, who haven't been involved in the east because they suck.

(I actually love goons, but we're losing stations over here...)

In geminate, the russians bought PL for 600 billion. So far PL have rode bikes and blueballed.

tri/evoke/PL did reinforce about 10 CSAA in vale and tenal, but didn't come to fight when they left reinforced. We're saving the last one as I type this, and since there's no battle report I made a map for you.

Red: Attackers
Blue: Defenders

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Exploration site guides: Guristas Military Operations Complex

Guristas Military Operations Complex is the 7/10 guristas DED site, one of two guristas sites which were added with incursion 1.4. I've only run it once -- the guide will be updated eventually once I've gathered statistics. It appears to be easy and fairly valuable.

The site consists of five essentially identical rooms, connected by acceleration gates. Each room contains the same numbers and types of NPCs, give or take -- 10 each of frigates, battlecruisers and battleships. All enemies aggress on warpin.

In addition to the standard NPCs, the third room contains a dread guristas cruiser, the fourth room contains a dread guristas battleship, and the 5th room contains a "dread guristas commanding officer" and a stasis tower. The dread guristas commanding officer is an overseer rather than a faction spawn, and drops 20th tier overseer effects worth 61 million. Presumably he can also drop deadspace loot (probably pith c-type) and dread guristas loot, though he didn't do so on my first run.

  • NOTE: GMOC contains no elite cruisers or elite frigates, so target jamming is minimal.
  • NOTE: The overseer has a moderate tank of around 3-400 DPS, a large buffer and is immune to electronic warfare including target painters.

Room 3

Room 5

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More about mittens

Every single person who has been crying about mittens needs to read the entirety of seleene's post. Then they can STFU, and maybe even do some thinking and research next time instead of sperge-blasting mindless goon hate.

You could try to hang onto the theory that the CSM won't get along with CCP. That's called chasing a sunken cost, and it's dumb. Go ahead though, I'll actually get more satisfaction from mocking you when we start seeing results than changing your mind now.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Even more searches which brought people here

"tengu fit with lasers"

I don't have anything to say about this, I just wanted the world to know that someone actually had this thought.

"eve ragnarok implant use"

For a shield titan you'll use a 5% cap recharge implant and a 5% shield implant (unless you can get the new 6% implants). For slots 1-5 you'll probably want mobility implants, either align time (nomad) or speed (snake).

"where can i set a nyx bpo to research"

Their natural habitat is Gallente space, but you're better off finding them in jita. So many people got them after dominion that the BPC are worthless now, and researched BPO are being sold on contracts for NPC price.

"why does PL hotdrop"

My theory is that they like killing things.

"mining with a gallente mothership"

Kill yourself.

"eve can a super carrier be insured?"


"eve how good is a nyx"

Pretty good.

"eve ccp dreads now shit?"


Saturday, April 2, 2011

DRF vs NC: CSAA save

DRF reinforced a RAGE CSAA and it came out this morning. Fortunately rage hasn't been disbanded recently, so the system's strategic index was full up and there was a cyno jammer keeping the hostile super fleet out, while we could bring in capitals via jump bridges. The fighting started before downtime and I got in fleet immediately after.

Getting in system was fun. I came through the bridge 25 km from the pos shield just as about 170 hostiles landed next to me. Unfortunately the hostile FC wasn't a complete retard, and instead of trying to take down my nyx popped two carriers that were slowboating toward the shield first. They did shoot me for a while and I got down to about 10% shield (in an armor tank) before they switched targets. A third blue carrier was pulled back from structure as the rest of our caps moved outside the pos shield and got the spider tank going.

In total we lost the two carriers, and a bunch of battleships apparently mostly before downtime. After the third carrier was saved we pretty much owned everything we could tackle. Most of the fighting was on a stargate as we bubbled a hostile fleet that jumped in, and the final score looks to be about 3:2 in our favor plus we saved the CSAA.

There are another 2 CSAA in reinforced, which we would have to screw up to not save. A couple of our outposts are also in shield reinforced, coming out in euro/US time minutes from the CSAA. We might let the outposts go to armor RF to save the CSAA.

EDIT: It looks like I got on 66 kills today. Thank you, ECM burst!

An "oh shit" moment

But I got better

Killboard -- 34b killed for 20 lost