Thursday, December 10, 2015

New research run

Early results from the Crius research trial are surprisingly good, so I'm going to go ahead and stick another run in. Do the math with me:

([90b per run] * [50% average profit]) * ([350ish days per year] / [150 days per run]) = 105 billion per year

Of course, that's based on some hilariously optimistic assumptions: That the 50% will still be the average when the results are in (it won't), that prices will stay where they are (they won't), that it will be possible to sell an average of one blueprint every 2.5 days (iffy), and that putting so many blueprints up for sale won't affect prices.

But even if we assume my eventual income will be only one-third that much, that still comes to almost 3 billion per month. Which is adequate, I guess.

The phoenix blueprint? Because I only have one of them. I didn't bother researching a second, because phoenixes have been shit for almost as long as eve has existed. I only kept the one I had because they might get better eventually. And they did.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Indy contributor: November update

Market industry is like cold war. You won't hear about your successes, nor about losses. There are no explosions, no corpses left behind your defeated competitors, no killmails. The only thing that matters is success, and the size of it. Sometimes it feels discouraging to write articles which probably wont matter to anyone, but deep in my heart I believe overnight success is the result of years of hard work. My profits should be cut to about 2/3 of my potential due to passive gameplay now, but sooner or later I will get back to work and figure out how to improve the system to more than 100 percent of previous efficiency. Read buisness books and apply them in Eve; it works.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

LibreOffice Calc: How to import data from a URL

By unpopular request!

So, you want to put stuff from the API or eve-central or whatever into a spreadsheet without copy-pasting. If you use LibreOffice, you'll find there's an option to Insert->Link to External Data. It has a box that says "put URL here" and a thing to select how often you want to update the source. Also, it doesn't work.

Here's what you do:

1. Get the URL you want to use. In this example, we'll pull some compressed ore prices from eve-central using

2. Go to Insert->Sheet From File

3. Paste the URL into the file name thing, and press 'open'

4. When the Text Import window comes up, check 'other' and put '<>' into the field. With XML, this will split the data into cells in such a way that you can use it. Press OK.

5. At the "Insert Sheet" window, don't change anything. Press OK.

6. The data is now in the sheet. It's a bit messy, but you'll be able to pick out the cells you need.

7. Don't do anything else on that sheet. Instead, set cells on another sheet equal to the relevant boxes on the imported sheet.

That's it. Every time you open the file it will reload the data, so your spreadsheet stays up to date.