Tuesday, May 31, 2011

DRF vs NC: Well, shit

Had a red pen today for supers and caps. Got 200 caps in fleet and an unknown number of supers logged off. Enemy had 50 titans. We stood down.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

DRF vs NC: Skirmishes

So far, the DRF have not made a serious push to take tribute. PL and possibly Tri (ncdot) have moved to venal, where naturally they are trying to take tech moons. The difference between now and january, is that now they can call on half the galaxy for support whenever we outnumber them.

There have been some fights, but nothing major.

Today we were trying to take down a hostile tower a blue system. It was cyno jammed, and we had capitals and supers in system and they didn't, but we were outnumbered about 3 to 1. They jumped in and our subcapitals, carriers, and supercapitals with the exception of nyxes fought them on the gate. Nyxes were stationed on the cyno jammer to rep it when the hostiles tried to take it down, and indeed one of their fleets broke off and engaged the jammer.

It dropped very slowly as our subcapitals were killed off, and as it got close to being incapped the FC ordered supercapitals to log off by stages, first a titan that he thought would be primaried when the hostiles came in, then the rest of the titans a few minutes later, then the supercarriers. In what I am convinced was half luck, half brilliance and half lag, for a total of 100% awesome and 50% not awesome but it worked out for us so that's okay, this plan actually worked, and when the jammer went down and the hostiles dropped 150 supercapitals on us, they got no supercap kills; though a wyvern had been lost to subcapitals earlier.

It would have been really spectacular if I didn't have a good idea how much luck was involved, but it was still pretty impressive.

EDIT: MM KB still broken, link removed.

Monday, May 16, 2011

General update, including DRF vs NC

War news first.

The DRF have taken the rest of vale and geminate, and the sitaution has stabilized. They reinforced a couple of stations in tribute but as far as I know didn't make a real attempt at taking them.

Hitting tribute brought DC into the war on our side. The DRF responded to this with denial of service attacks against NC communications infrastructure (jabber, etc.), proving once and for all that they are cheating scum.

The current situation is that nothing important is being reinforced. We haven't started a counterattack, and the enemy haven't made a serious push into tribute. Fighting is mostly over towers.

In general eve news, CCP have decided to nerf jump bridges by limiting them to 1 per system, meaning you have to use gates alternating with jump bridges. This makes them basically completely useless except as shortcuts; the only way to move safely is with a carrier or nullified T3. I already have them, but fucking over players who are poor, have low sp or don't multibox seems sort of stupid.

The real mystery to me is why they're dicking about with jump bridges instead of fixing technetium and supercarriers, which are actually broken.

As for me personally, I'm at sort of a crossroads where eve is concerned. I haven't been playing lately.

This is partly because I'm a super pilot, and super pilots are permanently on "standby" while anything important is going on. So I got out of the habit of even getting in subcapital fleets at the beginning of the war, and every fleet where I actually got to do something turned into superlag bullshit which made me instantly bittervet.

So, I haven't been playing. I'm also not sure I want to, which is made more interesting by the fact that my corp is closing at the end of the month due to director fatigue.

I'm going to try and get in fleets over the next few weeks to see if I even find it fun any more. If I do, I'll find another corp in razor or MM. If not, I'll probably just let my characters lapse into NPC corps. I'm working on setting up a capital shipyard, and some time to focus on that would be nice; if I move to another NC corp, I'll probably just take combat characters and my holding alt, and leave carebears out for now.

While I was writing this I actually got in a fleet and there was a fight. We lost and I'm not sure what we were fighting over, but it was sort of fun.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Coalition map update

Caaaserol et. al
Green: NC+DC
Orange: Tri + coven
Pink: DRF

  • I am not actually sure the people taking space in delve/PB/querious are all blue to each other, but it seems like a reasonably assumption. PL are colored with them because I'm lazy, not because they're allied; let us say that this is a territory map.
  • PL are colored with the rest of that mess because I'm lazy. Let's say this is a territory map.
  • Imperial order are apparently attacking immensea, so I colored them with AAA.
Comments and corrections welcome.