Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October monthly financial report

My first 10-ship runs are starting to finish, so I guess that's news.

Readers might note that I only sold one research blueprint this month. The large numbers of blueprints I sold over the last two months were ones I was going to use in a second manufacturing process, and they all came up for sale around the same time. I then had to put minerals into my expanded process, which took up all my isk for a few months, before I could start buying blueprints to research again, so there is now a gap in blueprints coming up for sale. I expect to start selling more research blueprints around December.

Also note the new "compression items" net worth category. Just railgun blueprints in there right now, but the iso/py/mega I'm going to need to keep stocks of will run a billionish.

Also, it's been a while since I did one of these:

Monday, October 29, 2012

Mineral compression: Beta plan

Think I've got this figured out. Process should run as follows:

1. Buy minerals.
2. Haul minerals to compression station.
3. Work out how many units of 425mm railgun 1 you could build with the tritanium.
4. You will be short some other minerals. In a spreadsheet test, 16.8 billion isk of minerals for building a set of capital ships was short 19.2 million pyerite, 7.8 million isogen, and 850 megacyte. These missing minerals are supplied from a stock in the compression station. Record the quantity of minerals you took from that stock.
5. Build the 425mm railgun I. In my spreadsheet test, it took 3.5 days to build 8350 units using 10 manufacturing slots.
6. Jump the railguns (209,000 m^3) and remaining uncompressed minerals (35,000 m^3) to lowsec.
7. Reprocess railguns.
8. Remember the minerals you took out of the stock in the compression station to build the railguns, and recorded the quantities of? Set those same quantities aside to take back to the compression station.
9. Move the rest of the minerals from the reprocessing station to the building station.
10. Move the minerals you set aside back to the compression station to be re-used.

If it works like my spreadsheet says it will, this will cut my jump freighter jumps on a 10-ship manufacturing run from 30 to 1, saving me around 2 hours of effort per run and substantially increasing my profit-per-hour-at-the-keyboard. The railgun blueprints are in research now, and I anticipate starting mineral compression in about 2-1/2 months.

By the way, the waste when compressing 855 million units of tritanium, at railgun ME 525, is 159k units of tritanium -- something like one-fortieth of one percent.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Mineral compression items?

Related: Does anybody have a list of items which can be used for mineral compression? The ones I know about aren't working out the way I would like.

EDIT: On second thought, I think I got this.

Science and industry update


Back here I said my next two projects are filling my research slots with component blueprints to sell, and hull blueprints to highly research and then replace my current set with. One of my supercarrier BPO sold, which hurried this along, and at the time of writing I have 12 research slots available (out of 61), which is the same number I need to finish my set of replacement hull blueprints. Thus, I am switching to buying replacement hull blueprints. These will run me 15 billion, which should take a month or two.


Nothing to report.

New project rumination:


I have 10 manufacturing slots that I'm not using, and I should probably do something with them. I note that freighter hulls have had excellent margins lately, and with 10 manufacturing slots I could build on 3 hull blueprints. However, those margins seem to be shrinking. I'll have to watch what they do in the medium term.

I could also use these slots for mineral compression. There is a 50% refining station in my building system, and compressing minerals could  save me an hour or two per week. Probably going to go this route, though it will take a little research


Of course, trade is where the real money is. It's not really my thing, though; I don't like adjusting market orders. I've been thinking of getting into a less competitive area, like stocking nullsec NPC systems or faction war systems. It probably won't actually happen, but I might eventually get around to doing some market research or something.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Miner bumping

Decided to give this "miner bumping" thing a try.

Marxus Meridius > Lmfao, really man? What a fucking loser, I could think of so many better uses for a machariel than bumping miners.
(it's okay though -- his OTHER account is running sites in a c4)
bojangles monty > what is ur fuking problem ?

Sato noKayte > hmm
Sato noKayte > i'm write a patition

yanshi > WTF!
yanshi > why r u bumping me?
yanshi > i'm going to report u.
yanshi > fucking ashole. go die in hell.
yanshi > again? YO. STOP IT
yanshi > go die in hell.
yanshi > u fucking griever.
yanshi > go boing ur mother.

It works.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Threat assessment: Miniluv

A couple days ago I heard something about "goons killing a bunch of freighters".

Today the tl;dr is up on and reads: A gank squad has killed 200 freighters since August.

So how much danger am I in?

First, frequency. 200 freighters in about 2-ish months is about 100 freighters per month. For the purpose of this post, we assume that every freighter passing through jita 4-4 has an equal chance of being ganked.

The equation for my risk, therefore, is: Number of freighters which pass through jita per month, divided by 100, multiplied by the number of times I pass through jita per month.

To find the first value, I watched the jita undock for 3 minutes. 14 freighters undocked. I divided this number by 2 because my observation was done at a peak time.  7*20*24*30 = 100,000 freighters per month, divided by 100 equals a 1/1,000 chance of being ganked per run. I do about 40 runs per month, so my risk is 1/25.

My maximum cargo plus hull price is about 2.7 billion, so during an average month I will lose 108 million isk to ganks.

Note: This assumes that the gankers target jita, which apparently they don't.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

19 hours

Yes, it's the same blueprint.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Industry and science update


The transition from a 30 to a 50 slot process, and from 4 ships per run to 10, has been much easier than I expected. It has still been a very little bit rough because adding so many ship blueprints at once temporarily exceeded my (and my station's) ability to produce components, so some hull blueprints have been dropping out of production briefly, but this is sorting itself out.

I'm moving my fourth rorqual blueprint over to research. I hadn't planned for 4, and it was causing me to need more of some components than I could produce. This also means that my three remaining rorqual blueprints have the same material level, which makes things easier. The plan for now is to wait until things stabilize, see how many manufacturing slots I have going spare, and then add ship blueprints if I can.

I'm thinking of switching one of my two revelation blueprints for a third moros blueprint. The average margins on them are higher, and they sometimes spike very high, while revelations don't.

My fifth manufacturing character is mostly finished training, and I now have the ability to keep (almost) all of my blueprints in production simultaneously.


I mentioned a few weeks back that my next two investments will be to buy another set of capital hull blueprints, to very-highly research and replace my current set with; and to fill my remaining research slots with capital component blueprints  to research and sell.

I'm doing the second one first, because it earns more and because it starts paying off faster. I'm buying new blueprints to research with any spare isk I have left after buying minerals for a new run of ships, and this seems to be coming out to three new component blueprints for each new 10 ship run. Currently 28 of my 53 (current) research slots are still empty.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September monthly financial report

I suppose a quarter of a trillion isk is a milestone, but I have a different one in mind. Check back in a few months.

...actually, being able to refer to one's personal wealth as a meaningful fraction of a trillion is a pretty nice feeling.  
Quarter trillion.

Also this month for the first time, I have owned a stack of one billion tritanium.

...oh, and run bloody 74 finally finished. Huzzah.

Without further ado: