Friday, June 29, 2012

Apathy revolution and capital manufacturing status update

My favorite thing about building capitals is that I don't have to be at the keyboard for most of it. If I don't feel like logging in for a few days, I just don't; even if ships are finishing or I should really be buying minerals for another run, skiving off just delays future profits; and I'm at a point where money is pretty much meaningless so long as I make my 2 plex per month.

Trouble is, I'm spending more and more time not feeling like getting things done in eve. At the same time that extra component blueprints are finishing research and increasing my capacity to build ships, I'm not feeling like moving minerals into place to take advantage of those blueprints. Neither am I thinking about eve at all in my spare time.

Hum. Odds are it's a passing thing.

As for capital manufacturing:

Process 1 (running):

Rorquals have historically been a very good ship to build, so I added a third rorqual BPO here. Spare component blueprints are finishing research and coming available, which should increase my manufacturing capacity. Thinking about adding a second archon and second moros here as well.

Also, nearly all the poorly researched component blueprints in this process have been replaced with well-researched component blueprints.

Process A (starting up):

Still looking for 2 archon and 2 moros blueprints. The first component blueprints here are starting to finish research, but I don't expect to install the first manufacturing run for about another 2 months.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

In which eve bloggers are weak, stupid crybabies

So I don't log in for a few days, and suddenly the blagosphere is going crazy over something something mittens something something. Apparently, mittens decided to wardec a few bloggers who don't like him. Or something.

The response from the community is varied, of course. Mabrik, one of the actual targets, decided to take the radical step of watching local once the wardec went live. Three days later, he eventually saw one war target. The rest of the blogosphere, sadly, has not been so reasonable: Yuki Onna, one of the other targets, quit the game and closed down his and/or her blog. Mord fiddle, formerly respected nullsec commentator, has elected to sperge about mittens "silencing and driving out" dissenting voices, and even went full tin foil retard over the "Oh hey, we didn't actually mean for it to be possible for an unlimited number of entities to be at war with another entity forever for free" changes.

Get some perspective, people. Mittens has no ability to shut down your blog or make you stop playing. Yuki was not silenced or driven out -- he and/or she decided to ragequit instead of making the effort to adapt.

Since it apparently, somehow, falls to me of all people to be the voice of reason, I do hereby welcome the rest of you delicate flowers to eve online: A game in which sometimes people do bad things to you. The basics are as follows:

1. Sometimes people do bad things to you.
2. Use your damn brain and adapt, you pansy.

As for "standing together", I can stand perfectly well on my own, thanks... and from where I'm standing, I can see the rest of you running around like chickens with their heads cut off. It's hilarious.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

I didn't get to where I am without being petty and vindictive

Be forewarned, there is no real purpose to this post. It exists because I feel like gloating.

One month ago, to within a matter of hours, somebody on r/eve asked if he and/or she should invest in zydrine. At the time the post was made, zydrine had fallen from the initial peak of 1900 down to 13-1400. The reasoning was that it would rise in the long term.

He received conflicting advice:

Hedging my bets as strongly as the english language allows, I told him not to buy.

In no uncertain terms, another person told him to buy.

So what ended up happening in the intervening month?

I'm definitely not always right, and I don't trust myself enough to put my money in something even when I am confident, but somewhere out there somebody is very glad he took my advice instead of the other guy's.

Of course, the price is still higher than it was before the announcement, and it may well remain so. Assuming Guilane cashed out today instead of continuing to chase a sunk cost, he has made a net profit of around 2 billion.

Friday, June 1, 2012

May monthly financial report

"Yes I forgot to change the name of the month on my spreadsheet again" edition.

This is a weird one.

  •  The triumph of my "when to hold" plan can be seen in run 67, in which I made 4.3 billion in profit on 5.0 billion worth of minerals. It would be more visible other places aside from 66 and 68, but some things didn't work out quite the way I'd hoped.
  • 59, 62, and 64 I reprocessed the phoenixes because fuck phoenixes. This took 7 billion off my net worth figure, which will reappear at some point in the distant future.
  • ...which means that my net worth and change in net worth are both reading low, and that I made 12 billion this month despite higher than average off-spreadsheet expenses (shinies and researched blueprints).
  • 12 billion is less than the 18 which is showing under monthly profits. That figure is reading substantially high because many ships (18, to be precise) which actually sold last month fell over to this month on the spreadsheet.
  • Runs 71 and 72 we expect lower than average profit because they were bought near the peak of the mineral speculation and mineral prices, and ship prices, fell before all the ships could be sold. Special 72 is just doing its own thing, though, because rorquals are awesome.

Capital manufacturing update: In which I run out of research slots

I've been trying to clear out product, with a fair degree of success. This has left me with quite a lot of liquid isk, so I decided to buy the remaining component blueprints for my second capital manufacturing process. There were seven of these.

Turns out, though, that between all my characters I only had 6 research slots open. I haven't really thought about that as a limiting factor until now, and I still have 7 ship blueprints to buy.

Nbd though. In this job I'm used to waiting.

The answer is "51", in case you're wondering.