Friday, September 30, 2011

September monthly financial report


-This sheet is way too long, and it's going to get longer in the future. I'm going to have to revise the format.

-Major expenses in September included 2 plex (about 800 mil) and a second freighter (also about 800 mil), which does not appear on the 'ships' section of the net worth section yet. These account for most of the difference between the 'monthly net profit' and 'increase in net worth' figures.

-I've changed how I figure mineral costs. The new method saves a lot of effort, and moves buy order fees from the overhead section to the outlay figure under manufacturing.

-A number of the ships sold this moth were spillover from last month -- in particular runs 4 and 5, from which 6 out of 8 ships were actually sold last month. Only two ship sales are going to spill over from September to October. Because of this, and another factor about which I will post later, I expect ships sold in October to decrease from this month's figure.

-Run 13 is much less interesting than it looks.

-'Approximate' and 'real' in the manufacturing runs -- only entries which are marked 'real' are used to calculate monthly profit. The 'approximate' numbers are for individual ships in multi-ship runs, and are slightly wrong while the 'total' figure for multi-ship runs is accurate. I am phasing out 'approximate' figures because :effort:. Getting rid of them means my net worth figure will lag a little, but I don't actually care about that.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My plans, all of them

...are the subject of this post.

First off, for the foreseeable future I do not intend to return to nullsec. I've considered returning in a limited capacity and just flying subcapitals or something, but there's nobody I want to fly with right now and I'm still feeling fairly burnt out on nullsec. So no.

Thus, for the foreseeable future my plan is to focus on building wealth. I have some plans for this, and these plans require a lot of capital. Alas, capital is not something which I have right now -- but this can be fixed!

You see, I have a lot of assets, and some of them are underperforming. Specifically, three supercarrier BPO which I have been copying, which have a combined NPC value of 52.55 billion. These each make about 100m/mo, and I could make a lot more than that if I sold them and invested the money elsewhere. Unfortunately two of them are nyx, which are currently selling for under NPC price (because everybody got nyx blueprints after dominion and now everybody wants to sell them).

From the looks of it, if I can find a buyer at all I'll be selling the nyx blueprints for about 0.6 billion under NPC price. Overall this isn't a loss, since copies have made me at least a few billion, but it does make me slightly sad. Oh well.

The third BPO is an aeon. There are none on contracts as I type this, so I don't expect to have any trouble selling it.

And so, on to the projects!

Project 1: Capital manufacturing.

What: Building capital ships.

Status: This is already making me lots of money (stay tuned for the next monthly financial report), but it isn't actually fully funded. Currently I have about 64 billion invested in it, and while I'm close to my theoretical manufacturing capacity another 8 or 10 billion would be nice, to round out my blueprint collection and get enough minerals to keep 2 of each ship on my spreadsheet at all times.

Project 2: Capital component research

What: Researched capital ship components sell for a fair margin over NPC price, and with three indy characters I could run 30 research jobs in parallel. Also, the blueprints I'm currently using for manufacturing are underresearched (ME30 PE10). What I plan to do is buy a set of blueprints of the same number and type that I currently own, get them properly researched and swap them out for the set I'm currently using. Then I'll put my current set of blueprints into research, and sell them when they're done. Then buy more blueprints, research and sell.

Status: Not yet started. Would require 28 to 30 billion to fully fund, but could easily be done a few blueprints at a time. I plan to get this started after selling the first supercarrier BPO.

Project 3: Trade

What: There are some opportunities out there to make easy money, but I'm not going to tell you what they are.

Status: Not yet started. Would require 8 billion to fully fund.

Side project: Top secret

What: I can't tell you.

Status: Currently colluding with two others to achieve goals. We're just getting started, and it probably won't pan out. Colluding is an awesome word, though.

So that's it. These are all the plans I have.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Seeking capital sellers in forge and lonetrek

I'm looking for anybody who sells capital ships in forge or lonetrek on a regular basis. There could be a bit of money in it, so if you or somebody you know fits the bill please convo or mail my alt 'ispia jaydrath' ingame for more information.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So, it's over. The NC is dead. The DRF ... are an unstoppable juggernaut. They control more than half of player-sov nullsec (18 of 35 regions) even if they choose not to also take the DC's space; they control all the game's technetium if they choose to take the rest; and they have more firepower than the rest of 0.0 combined.

But it's cool, keep partying about the NC being dead. I'm sure things will be so much better now.

You've seen it already, but this is a fucking epic infographic:

Nullsec is dead. The only pvp left is welpcat fleets in delve, and the whole point of those is that they don't matter.

Funny thing about being an ex-nullsec guy, I consider the state of null to be the most important thing in eve. Everything else is either completely trivial, or subordinate to the state of nullsec; and if nullsec is dead, it feels like eve is dead. No more wars, no more epic struggles. What's left, small gang pvp? Sitting in empire making money?

I can handle sitting in empire making money, but unless null revives at some point wealth will become meaningless because there will never be anything to spend money on. And then what's the point?

Sunday, September 18, 2011


No, not really. This is a dummy post to help me find things later. Move along.

tl;dr proof of concept recording to test production method. Contains mostly lies.

Mediafire mp3 2:03 3.3 MB