Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Indy contributor: August update

Learning all the time. Last month proved to be profitable due to a single customer -- someone bought my cynosural field generator by setting up a buy order with three more zeroes than usual, and so instead of getting it for 1.5 million ISK he bought it for 1.5 billion. About as lucky for me as winning lottery, but hey -- if you wanna win the lottery you need to buy the ticket, be it keeping 450 orders on the market for 2 years or having capital blueprints increase in market value over time due to patching. The more you learn about business, and the more things you're involved in, the more holes you can see in its systems and the more opportunities come your way.

Parasoja's notes:

My first thought was "Aww crap, it broke and I'm going to have to manually the database again."