Sunday, January 10, 2016

Indy contributor: December update


How much time does it take to maintain market? The answer is, about 1 hour per month, once it is established. There are two factors: Changing every single order by 0.01 so they don't expire every 89 days, and restocking. I use push industries, so my restock takes about 10 minutes of buying stuff in Jita, setting up contract for transport, and 5 minutes of setting up sell orders. One order takes about 15 seconds (or less) to change by 0.01 isk. This means it takes 60 minutes to renew 240 orders. My market maintains around 430 orders, and I click fast. Setting up a market hub takes around 10-100 hours of work, depends on how much experience you have with it and how many jump freighters you're loading for setting up. I used my own JF just because time/money had a better factor than using pushX 30 times.

Parasoja's Notes:

Do you know, I never seriously considered using black frog/pushx.....