Tuesday, February 28, 2012

RANI lottery round 1 winner

I ran the winner-selection-and-a-bunch-of-other-things script a few minutes ago, and the winner is...

Seraph Minayin

Seraph won 19.5 million isk, on a bet of 6 million. Congratulations!

Miraculously, the 'previous winner' section and winner history page seem to have generated properly first go. Features which I definitely did not end up frantically debugging 8 minutes before the scheduled page update, by the way. You should go check them out.

Round 2 technically starts now, but I'm going to wait until after my monthly financial report goes out in a few days to make a proper announcement, so it can be the top post over the weekend.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Signal boost: Lottery

I started running a lottery system around Tuesday. The round is one week long, and the goal is to find out if there's interest.

With currently 4 players and a jackpot of 12.5 million, it is falling well below any sort of "yes, there is interest" benchmark. So I'm putting out a signal boost for the weekend crowd.

Use this page to play.

Assuming dozens of players don't materialize out of nowhere, the plan is to finish the round and start a second, to see if people are more interested in lottery systems which have actually completed a round and sent money to the winner.

Tee hee~

Was it really that much better than t2?

I can't stop myself! It's so much fun, and I still have positive security status!

I'll edit the time on the lottery post, so it should be the one that shows up on blag lists~

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hauler ganking for fun and profit

Here's the method:

You need two characters: One in a tornado set up similarly to this, and one hauler fitted with a 10 MN MWD and remote sensor boosters.

Then, you need a stargate in a pipe. Systems between jita and amarr are used a lot, but the downside is that they're used a lot. Be creative.

Sit the ganker on the gate your targets will be using to leave the system and about 30 km toward the gate that they'll be coming from. Set the hauler about 10 or 15 km from the gate.

[out gate]---10km---[hauler]---20km---[ganker]--------[in gate]

When something gankable warps in on autopilot, scan it. If it has a valuable cargo and a weak tank, kill it. Scoop the loot with your hauler and dock up to wait out the aggression timer.

Remember, kids: Positive security status is the same thing as permission to kill people in highsec.

Not particularly valuable, but extremely satisfying

Reduced session change timers are super awesome

Because they let me move stuff faster.

My long-time reader will recall that I move minerals to lowsec by autopiloting them to an adjacent hisec system, then bouncing back and forth with a jump freighter. Jump in, drop off mins, warp to highsec, get more.

Previously I had been able to move two JF loads (73.6 million units) per 10 minute cyno activation. The cyno ended about 30 seconds too early to get in a third load.

Session timers affect this process process as following:

-Light cyno.
-Jump in. Wait for session change timer. Dock.
-Undock. Wait for session change timer (because hotdrops). Warp.
-Dock in highsec. Undock. Wait for session timer. Jump.
-Jump in the second time. Wait for session change timer. Dock.
-Undock. Wait for session change timer. Warp.
-Dock in highsec.
-Cyno runs out.
That's 5 session change timers I have to sit through, so when the session change timer is reduced I save 5 times the reduction per cyno gen cycle.

After the timer was reduced to 20 seconds, the cyno ended much closer to the time I was ready to jump in a third time -- so close that the JF had to wait for the cyno cooldown to finish so I could relight it. Eventually, by staying on top of things and docking/warping/jumping the second the session change timer finished, I was able to get in three jumps (110.4 million units) per cyno activation, with a few seconds to spare. This means the rate at which I could move minerals to lowsec increased by 50%.

The recent decrease didn't change much, but does give me a comfortable buffer, as shown at left.

If you figure 5 cynos per hour, allowing a few minutes for the JF to get back to highsec after the third jump, I can now move 550 million units of minerals per hour. The average load I move is about 500 million, and I need to move a load about once a week.

So, an hour a week. This is not a huge drain on my time, which is why I haven't bothered seriously looking into mineral compression.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Heavy industry 3

It's been a while since I did one of these, mostly because they aren't interesting. This one, however, is particularly illustrative.

May want to open in new tab because :blogspot:

This is the method I use to track the status of my manufacturing process. This snapshot is interesting because it's easy to see the progression of runs over time: The first two runs, the hulls are on the market or sold; the second two, the hulls are under construction; and the last two, the components are being built.
Also of note is that I've standardized on 4 ships per run. It's a number that works well for some reason.

...and this is the state of my indy corp's science and industry jobs. It would be a little longer if I waited to start run 64, and for a few personal research jobs to finish and go back in as corp jobs, but eh. Notable are the component blueprints being researched, which will replace my current under-researched set.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

RANI pure isk lottery: Come play!

I'm running a lottery, and I think you should participate!

Thanks to a good samaritan who donated a server account, I now have the ability to run my lottery system on a production basis. To play, simply transfer any quantity of isk (0.01 isk equals one ticket) to character "Ispia Jaydrath".

You can check the current jackpot and number of bets on the lottery page. Allow up to 2 hours for new bets to appear.

My plan is to run the first round for one week.

What is it?

RANI pure isk lottery (working name -- suggestions welcome) is a lottery run using a tool I wrote. It is designed to be as simple as possible, and has the following characteristics:
  • No items are involved. The winner receives isk.
  • Any quantity of isk can be donated, and the amount donated is directly proportional to your chance of winning. Effectively, each 0.01 isk is a ticket.
  • The 'reason' field isn't used, so no isk will be lost to typos. Isk transfers from my alts are automatically ignored.
  • I am taking no profits from this (at least for now), which makes it a better investment than any other lottery.


It would be great if I became e-famous and space rich from this, but that would be getting ahead of myself -- the plan for now is just to find out if there is interest. For the first run I'm only announcing it via blog post, but if there is interest I will advertise subsequent runs to a wider community (forums/twitter/(r/eve)/whatever).

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Well that's neat


I put that up for sale 12 hours ago. Priced it near the top of the market because the rest of the ships in that run aren't finished yet.Figured I'd try and get lucky, then price it down when the other ships from the same run were selling.

I got lucky. That's a profit of about 550 million, or 70%. On a carrier.

Even with mineral prices going nuts, war appears to be good for business. This is shaping up to be my best month ever.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Assistance results

I'd like to thank everybody who donated for their help. The thing I was testing is a super-simple lottery tool.

What's interesting about it is that: It's a pure isk lottery, with no items involved; any amount of isk can be donated (effectively, each 0.01 isk is one ticket); and no reason needs to be given for the donation.

I imagine this has been done before, but I've never encountered such a thing in the wild.

What I got out of the donations is two test runs (it breaks the data into runs based on me sending isk to myself with a certain reason), one to finish writing the program and the second to see if anything would go horribly wrong with a different set of data, and additional data to build an ancillary tool.

Kirith won the first program run that I'm actually sure worked corectly...
Using cygwin so I have a command line that actually works crew checking in~

And in the second test run I met my true love: "reason="DESC: bobby'); DROP TABLE Transactions;--""

There were several donations after I closed the second run, which I used to build the ancillary tool. What it does is generate a friendly HTML page every hour showing what the current jackpot is for a running lottery, and how many people are participating. It works, but I can't actually deploy it at the moment since I'm short precisely one server and cronjob.

Newai. I'm doing this just for fun, but if I can sort out a server I'll try running a lottery in case anybody's interested~

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Assistance needed. Very easy.

I'm writing a tool that uses the API, and I need some data from people who aren't me.

To help, please donate a VERY SMALL amount of isk to character 'Ispia Jaydrath'. Numbers like 0.01 and 1234.56 would be perfect.

The more data the better, so if you have 1spare isk, please help. I'd like to get an absolute minimum of 5 or 10 participants, but more would be great.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Graphic: Material level vs isk saved for capital ships

Marked are:
  • Green: Minimum material level at which I would consider building, based on bpc prices and historical margins 
  • Pink: Optimal material level

This graphic is useful for:
  • Deciding what ME to research a blueprint to
  • Buying blueprint copies
  • Selling blueprint copies

Prices are based on mineral costs as of a few weeks ago.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Good-guy capsuleer of the week: Calasian

In the "good-guy capsuleer of the week" series, we honor pilots who spend their valuable time educating new players. The subject of this week's edition is elite space warrior Calasian.

In an exclusive interview with the eve-fail EXTREME investigative reporting team, Calasian revealed that unscrupulous newbie Julie Saunders stole from her, purloining objects from a private container. Instead of getting angry, Calasian gave the newbie something much more valuable: An education on aggression mechanics, and a bonus lesson about timers.

For outstanding services in new player education, and for fitting real guns on an amarr frigate, the eve-fail early education grant hereby awards Calasian 20 million isk (and the keys to our heart).

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Signal boost: Troll limericks

There once was a new capsuleer
Who didn't know that he should fear
The troll who lied waiting
With buckets for baiting
And harvesting epic-sized tears

An anonymous left that in comments, and I thought it should be shared.


There once was a pilot with honor
Who learning tricks could not be bothered
One fateful morning
He clicked past a warning
And lost his T3 to a bomber

...I hereby encourage the internet to join in.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Good-guy capsuleer of the week

Eve-fail is proud to present our brand new series, good-guy-capsuleer of the week. In this series we will be highlighting older players who go out of their way to educate newbies on the intricacies of the eve universe.

Louis roscommon is a 2009 pilot. This honourable space warrior took time out of his busy day to visit newbie system Cistuvaert and educate 6-day-old pilot Macus sork about highsec aggression mechanics, potentially saving him from losing an expensive ship someday. A valuable lesson!

Louis hereby becomes the first recipient of the eve-fail early education grant. The grant thanks Louis for outstanding services in new player education, and awards him a taranis hull.

PS: Trolololol ^_^