Thursday, April 29, 2010

In which IT loses more caps

I was actually hoping to get some sleep last night but siren song of jabber called me once more into the breach. A post-downtime fleet was fighting hostiles somewhere and they had brought capitals including at least one triage carrier, so we were forming up some of our own in hopes of getting some pew pew. The first thing that I thought was it must be a trap considering we had ganked their carriers with a hastily-formed capital group earlier, but that turned out to be not the case.

While the FC was arranging cynos and regaling us with tales of hostile supercapitals to be killed I hastily refit my naglfar with citadel cruise missiles -- something I neglected to do before killing the carriers earlier. Word on teamspeak at this point was that IT was also calling for capitals so it might turn into a real fight.

We lit cyno on a hot grid and dropped everything we had on them. In terms of world-crushing capital fleets numbers were rather small, with only about 100 in our fleet, but both sides kept jumping in more pilots -- on our side I saw 5 titans when I loaded grid and 10 a few minutes later.

After fifteen or twenty minutes it became apparently that we were utterly owning the hostiles and they went siege red and jumped out. Killboards are still syncing but as of now IT killboard is showing 45 capital losses to 5 kills, and somebody on forums reported 6 ROL carriers down as well, which aren't showing on IT killboard yet.

Going down like

Killboard link

After the battle we had something like 10 hostile towers coming out of reinforced over 60 minutes, and word on teamspeak is that IT will be spending tomorrow in delve as a bunch of their towers there are coming out of reinforced as well.

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