Wednesday, October 19, 2011

...I want the door back

I may well be alone in this, but I didn't mind the door. Here's why:


No moving things
Graphics card fan not audible

Ship spinning:

Moving things
Graphics card fan audible


  1. I want the door to go somewhere.

  2. But i think you can keep the door , just let "don't load station environment" check off like before .
    I'm lucky i have a passive graphic card ...well sort of passive , because the 120mm front fan still keeps some airflow over the huge radiator

  3. Unfortunately they didn't revert that to its' old function -- now it just enables and disables the button to go to captain's quarters. Hopefully they'll change it when they fix the other things that the patch broke.

  4. double clicking fast cargo hold access justifies every noise the graphic card makes!