Monday, November 28, 2011

Capital manufacturing milestone

An update that almost means something edition.

I just put up a buy order for minerals for another run of capital ships (run 47: chimera, nidhoggur, rorqual, naglfar). This is something I do a lot, but this run is special because it means that for the first time ever I have two of each type of ship I build in production at the same time ('production' starts with buying minerals and finishes when the hull is delivered) .

It would have taken a few more weeks for this to be the case, but I've stopped production on obelisks and, more recently, thanatos, because there's no profit to be made in them at the moment. Thannies have had low margins for a long time, probably because they're the ship that every new capital builder wants to make (EDIT: Or because they're shit), and after the oxygen interdiction hit the margins dropped from below-average to nearly zero . Not sure why obelisks are having a problem, but freighter margins are never that great.

Below is a shot of my blueprint/run status/priority/margin/run mineral cost tool. You know, because that sort of thing is interesting.

Right click and view image or open in new tab for full (grumble)

EDIT: I was looking at that and noticed that the profit figure seemed off. Turns out the tax modifier was in the wrong place. Correct profit numbers would be 17 mil for thanny and 5 for obelisk. Margin is still correct.

The total value of minerals in my manufacturing process right now, including three hulls currently on the market, is 24 billion.

Now that manufacturing is fully funded, I plan to move forward with my other projects soon (tm). The first thing I'll be doing is researching replacement capital component blueprints, because my current set sort of sucks. Planning to set up a small tower (to start with, anyway) for this, so I'll wait for the fuel block changeover before starting.

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