Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Trade: Syndicate pilot project

I haven't gotten around to finishing my trade profit tool, but I have made actual progress on the the trade front for the very first time.

I put together a list of items using k162 space's list of high volume pvp items, modified so that it provides only 150 items, so that it provides a few other items (mobile warp disruptors, capital fuel, etc.), and so that you can assemble a working generic pvp fit for all the ships it provides. With 150 items per hub I can theoretically operate up to 12 trade hubs with my 6 characters, jump clones allowing.

I picked a system in Syndicate that happened to have a decent volume of kills in the last 24 hours to set up in. There's at least one other real hub in the region, but whatever. Set up cyno characters (with jump clones, so I can jump back and forth to my building/research area).

The items total about 10 billion isk, and moving them in took 5 trips with a jump freighter. Now we just have to wait and see if it's worth the effort.


  1. I'm reading you, may be you could be interested on supplying null sec pvp area, remember delve is burning this days...

    1. Nah. I'm not really interested in chasing markets around the map.