Thursday, September 12, 2013

I aten't dead.

Only mostly dead.

Mineral prices have dropped by 20% while capital ship hull prices remained steady-ish, so margins are pretty good right now. I've gone ahead and bought a batch of minerals.

I also did this:

Turns out the fast way to get there is to use data centers and COSMOS agents. Bonus points, most of their missions are either couriers or they just want you to give them items you can find on market or on contracts.

In other other news, I seem to have misplaced somewhere between 4 and 11 capital component blueprints. It's the weirdest thing -- they aren't installed as corp jobs, nor as personal jobs on any of my six characters. They aren't in corp assets, or deliveries, or personal assets, or in the holds of any of my ships. No doubt they'll turn up if I leave it alone for a few years, but it's unsettling that they can just disappear like that.


  1. They are inside a container or ship so won't show up if you search your assets and you must manually do show contents of every container?

    Or did you already check this?

    1. That is the case, and I did. Eventually found them, though.

  2. Use eve hq for this. Put inside all your apis, and Eve HQ (prism module) will be able to search for the missing asset, even in a container in a POS.

    Also remember to check if you didn't forgot to renew an office rental bill. I had this after my holidays, and nothing was visible ... except in corp / asset / impounded.

    Missing assets can also be linked to courrier contract, so check if they didn't fly away in a red frog freighter :).

    By the way, I hope I will also one day be able to "misplace" billions of blueprint (I'm not poor, but missing 5B in assets will hurt me a lot :D)

    1. Found 'em. Turns out I'm a moron.

      Also, it did turn out to be 11.