Monday, October 28, 2013

In which mineral prices drop

First time in more than a year I've sold a ship for under a billion. Mineral prices are down 20%, presumably as a result of the recent (ish?) changes to high-end ore. This is bad for me; percent margins tend to be fairly stable, so lower prices mean lower profits.

Not that profits are something I'm super focused on at this point, but I am keeping my research process going and trying to add an 8-ship run to manufacturing every few weeks. On manufacturing I'm way below full production - I expect the ships from run 127 to finish selling before I even install the run 128 hulls - but NBD.


  1. I have seen similar things on freighters. I have ceased efforts on my 12/month freighter manufacturing as the isk/hr is now lower than I would like. (Margins the same, but less isk/hr... and I have a fixed # of hours.)

  2. There has been a big demand over the last 6 months. First the battleship Tiericide with us all trying to get hundreds of Geddons and Domis built while they were still using 100m isk worth of minerals to build. Then the Fountain War in July/August.

    Now there's a manufacturing slump as well as a lack of war. In addition the upcoming patch isn't tiericiding any tech 1 ships by adding extra minerals to the construction cost so there's no pre-expansion building rush.