Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Winding down capital production

Moved my last load of minerals to lowsec. My plan right now is to wait for prices to normalize post-patch and then see if it would be worth it to restart production.

It's quite likely that hull prices will spike like crazy when the patch hits - for a bit, at least - so I'm probably going to lose out on quite a bit of profit by not building through the patch. I just, you know, have enough money that the payoff isn't worth the effort of correcting all the builds I have in progress when the patch hits.


  1. Sad to hear but we suspected low sec cap manufacturing was doomed ever since the first devblog explained the new nullsec refine advantage.

    Best of luck with what comes next, it's been very interesting following your blog.

  2. Ironically, I was having a conversation in low sec last night with an industrialist who expects to start some production at his POS July 22 that he does not do now. He recognizes that null sec is getting huge advantages over low and high, but figures he can still squeeze out better profits that he does today. I will be following his results very carefully after July 22, or at least, as much as he is willing to share.

    But like you, I think that low sec mfg is doomed.

  3. I believe sisi will make a pick at logged characters once the changes of industry hit the server.
    Everyone, including me, is waiting I think to see how it goes.
    I'm stockpiling capitals atm because I can have the spare isk to do so but I also think that low sec will be fucked in capital production.
    I pray for the null NPC space to get some buff as the sov null but I don't think so.
    time is coming and we will see how it goes.

  4. Renter lyfe incoming?

    1. That or provi would be options if I decide to keep doing industry and lowsec stops working, but there are also other gameplay types to be explored.

    2. Parasoja, does this change anything?

    3. It looks like it would allow lowsec to be competitive with null, but only if you're willing to put tens of billions of isk worth of minerals and blueprints in a tower that can be reinforced without warning.

      I'm not.

    4. Yes, they made Industry (capital manufacturing for me) not just clicks.
      they advanced the industry to make more clicks for the same job but much more difficult.
      To be competitive in low with null you have to :
      1. be in a corp that can defend a POS
      2. Skill up for all repro skills (if you buy compressed ore you need to get the most of it out).
      3. POS for reprocessing. I read something about stacking modules on POS but didn't have the time to read it all and go to sisi to test it.
      4. low sec freighter move for those minerals/materials (POS to Station)
      5. using that thukker stuff to get optimal manufacturing materials without waste.
      6.I see more clicks and if you want to build a carrier or a dread then you will have to do some more steps to complete the precess.

      I find this stupid for me as I was building 20 capitals every 12 days now I believe I will not move near 20b of compressed ore to a POS so I can reprocess them and put some PBC there to achieve the building as my originals will be in a station copying all the time...

      Jesus I'm bored only in the thought of it.
      So yes renting / provi is a way.

      i haven't done any tests in minmatar outpost fully upgraded but I believe that it will be better than having a POS for repro and then manufacture somewhere deep in The spine...

  5. Parasoja, i have enjoyed following your blog - learned a lot. Am looking forward to what you get into next.

  6. Ok, Crius is out there on Sisi and all my capital BPO need more materials with ME 2 (carrier) is translated to ME 6 and all the materials but 3 are increased... I believe buy capitals now and sell them for profit :)

    1. Nah bro, Renters can prolly afford to send their caps down to lowsec to sell faster. Any you buy now will probably be undercut in the future.

    2. Yes, I see what you are saying, but the ME 2 carrier BPO is ME 6 and need extra materials so the price is going up I believe. Also I don't know if with the 19days of research (+1 ME lvl) you are going to have your old stats on your BPO or you will need a ME 8 that is 90 days if I recall right.

      The reprocess and refining is a bit harsh, as a low sec manufacturer I'm trying to figure out how to import my materials atm :)