Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Trade tool continued

It's pretty much done. I added friendly HTML output, added pages for trades between each system pair, added a 'ratio' value so I can manually set the quantity-on-market-vs-quantity-to-move relationship on a per-items basis, and added a function so I can set ratios or drop items without having to manually enter the entire database command each time.

Right now the signal-to-noise ratio, especially on the main list, is pretty low. It's populated almost entirely with PI materials, T2 materials, and faction ammo, which are market groups for which The Equation is badly inaccurate for whatever reason. Some of the system-to-system lists are much better, though, and the master list can improve as I drop the bad items.

Still haven't actually used it in a serious way.


  1. Hi Mate,
    Is this something you would be looking to make public, I would very much like to have a copy of your spreadsheet. Seems like a great tool. Even willing to donate some money as it would have taken a while to make.

    1. Pretty definitely not, unless I decide that I'm definitely not going to use it.

      Also, not so much a spreadsheet as a python script running on a cronjob on a linux VM. Makes it a little less portable.