Thursday, December 10, 2015

New research run

Early results from the Crius research trial are surprisingly good, so I'm going to go ahead and stick another run in. Do the math with me:

([90b per run] * [50% average profit]) * ([350ish days per year] / [150 days per run]) = 105 billion per year

Of course, that's based on some hilariously optimistic assumptions: That the 50% will still be the average when the results are in (it won't), that prices will stay where they are (they won't), that it will be possible to sell an average of one blueprint every 2.5 days (iffy), and that putting so many blueprints up for sale won't affect prices.

But even if we assume my eventual income will be only one-third that much, that still comes to almost 3 billion per month. Which is adequate, I guess.

The phoenix blueprint? Because I only have one of them. I didn't bother researching a second, because phoenixes have been shit for almost as long as eve has existed. I only kept the one I had because they might get better eventually. And they did.


  1. Hi,

    Question on this post. Are you researching all of those BPO's to 10/20? I am doing the same thing with cruiser BPO's but I now have a lot of extra ISK and want to move up to bigger ships like the ones you research. My only thing is I can't really figure out the market for these things. I have no idea what they sell for and if it is really worth it. Any ideas?

    1. Hey.

      The way the numbers are shaping up, it looks like 10/18 will probably produce the best isk/time for my blueprints -- provided it doesn't flood the market.

      The only real way to see if something works is to test it (though, don't test researching a battleship blueprint in highsec. The research costs are way too high there). Short of that, you can check contracts to see what a print would sell for, then try and figure out what your costs would be.

      The test is still in progress, but I can tell you that in player-null a battleship blueprint costs about 200m to research to 10/20, and a component is like 20-30m. In highsec, they'd probably be about 4x that.