All the labels used on my blog, and what they mean.

0.0 news Posts about things happening in 0.0 and newsworthy battles.
answers Answers to searches which brought people to the blog.
battlereports Everything pertaining to shooting people and structures.
blogging Blog pack statistics and posts which might be interesting to bloggers.
content Posts which are important to my course in the game.
EFT warrior Fitting screenshots. Note that many older screenshots are offline.
exploration All posts pertaining to exploration, including guides, fittings, and lewt.
eve news Commentary on things happening to the game, e.g. patches, riots, etc.
guides All guides which are still relevant.
griefing Ganks, hulkageddon, CSM, etc.
industry Science, industry, and trade.
maps Recolors of the verite sov map to show political situations. Note that these are all offline.
market Market events. Prices going up or down.
nobody cares Stuff that nobody else should be interested in, usually about me or about this blog.
ponies Ponies.
screenshots Screenshots. Note that most older screenshots are offline.
teamspeak recordings Teamspeak recordings. Note that these are all offline.