Friday, December 3, 2010

First blood

I just got into coalition supercap channels yesterday, and today there was a hastily-arranged supercarrier fleet. Dronelanders are working on retaking the stations we took, and we're fighting them at least a bit. Apparently a subcapital fleet had gotten some supers tackled, and we burned in that direction but they escaped. We did catch a single archon though, which became my first kill in my SC.

Mail. Nice combat fit.

(Yes, by the way, that dictor did bubble all our supercarriers. We ARE that bad at bubbling)


  1. Just a question why on earth didnt that pilot have more than 21 warrior II's?

    Hell I had spare fighters, all kinds of sentries, mediums and heavies and ECM of every variety...

  2. That's a fair question. In my experience drones other than fighters and perhaps sentries are very rarely needed. Clearly they were in this case, but it's not impossible somebody would decided that a minimalist drone selection was adequate.

    Another possibility is that they were killed. The carrier had been held down by a light support fleet for what must have been quite some time before we arrived.

    He might have been dropped to suicide rep the supercarriers which escaped, but didn't have time to refit to a proper cheap setup and instead just removed most of his expensive drones.

    Or maybe he's an idiot. You can usually bet on stupid in eve, though the rest of his fitting would tend to indicate otherwise.