Thursday, December 30, 2010

"who are winning pl or nc eve 2010"

This was a search which brought somebody here, and it's a long answer question.

Before answering that, one would have to define what winning means. The conflict between PL and the NC cannot be described as a pitched war as PL are categorically unable to take our stations or kill our CSAA; this means that they are not an existential threat.

In terms of objectives the conflict focuses on technetium moons in venal. PL have taken some number of tech moons (I don't know how many, numbers on the street range between 16 and 90) and we try to take them back.

This has not been very successful for us. PL is small and agile; they never fail to time pos for US time, which is a weak time zone for us and their strongest. The typical fight in US time involves us bringing about 150 subcapitals to h-pa, PL's staging system and the location of several tech pos. PL also have 150 in system, but because of their higher level of skill and because they can log 20 titans on at a moment's notice - more supers than we can get in US time - we always lose.

Now, this isn't the complete story. It's not accurate to say that we can't get numbers or supers in US time. Without trying hard we can pull 600 people during euro time and more capitals/supers than PL can get members online during their prime time. Our euro time players aren't usually online during US time, but with a red pen CTA and a few days advance notice they could be induced to be on,especially if the op was on a weekend. We haven't been doing this type of op.

The NC+DC is engaged in two major wars right now, against IT+pets and the drone lands federation, two of the three other major powers in eve. PL and venal represent a comparatively low priority third front, with DC much more interested in bitchslapping IT and the NC proper placing a high priority on protecting geminate from the DRF invasion.

We're winning the two major fronts, with DC et. al unexpectedly continuing to destroy IT fleets on a daily basis and the DRF losing all major engagements and several supercapitals on the eastern front. The most charitable way to describe the PL front, on the other hand, would be "stagnant."

So, who is winning? I guess PL are, since they are protecting their moons and killing our fleets. Again though, they don't qualify as an existential threat.


  1. I will admit that I don't understand null-sec POS battles at all, but I have a vague inkling as to some of the mechanics. Is it not possible, or feasible, to change the amount of strontium in the towers so that PL can't put them in reinforced at a convenient time for them? Maybe even putting in varying amounts of stront in different towers would at least keep them a few hours out here and there.

    Unless I'm missing something, which is likely.

  2. The towers in question are owned by PL, so no. No, we can't.

    We could kite then for 12 hours through PL prime, but... okay, we can't do that either without at least as many numbers as we would need to kill the towers in their prime time in the first place.

  3. Oh, so they see you shooting the towers, then adjust the strontium so that reinforced lasts until their prime time? That's pretty smart.

    Null-sec sounds like a complex place to live.

  4. Precisely so. 'Seeing' us is a little easier than actually having to get eyes on our fleet because when a tower gets shot an eve-mail notification is sent to the owner/owning corp. A motivated alliance can set up a 24-hour watch of people with a network of fueling alts so that response time is less than it takes to reinforce a tower.