Saturday, January 22, 2011

PL vs NC: Nyx down in supercapital skirmish

Today we formed up caps to reinforce some towers in venal. We didn't have a support fleet, and after half an hour of forming we only had only 70 capitals in fleet. A corpmate commented on this, and I speculated that our numbers would increase quickly if we got a fight.

After we reinforced the first tower PL cynoed in their standard abaddon fleet and warped it to some caps that were near the shield. We started melting them with fighters as they slowly took down a couple of dreads. Then they cynoed in a bunch of supercarriers.

Red supers jumping in as we kill abaddons

Red supers warped to the edge of the pos shield, we went siege green and I crashed again. This is the second cap fight in a row that has happened, and both times were when I was changing overview settings. I detect a pattern.

Anyhow, we started with 70 in fleet and one titan. By the time I logged back in we had 256 in fleet, 10 titans and PL were inside pos shields. It looks like we lost 6 dreads and 2 carriers, and killed a few BS and a shitfit nyx.

Killboard -- 37 billion killed, 14 lost

EDIT: All cap kills are showing on both sides. Should be 23 killed, 14 lost.

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