Tuesday, January 4, 2011

PL vs NC: Venal purge

Combat Your Quad 3500mm Siege Artillery I perfectly strikes ... wrecking for 56467.8 damage.

My post about who is winning in venal probably should have been posted a little earlier, because it sure became outdated in a hurry. After killing their titans we started one of our trademark region purges of venal. As one FC put it, "I'm [bleep]ing sick and tired of [bleep]ing around with [bleep]ing PL and their [bleep]ing towers."

Goons, angered that PL broke The Bropact, along with test, have been essential for providing US time coverage, while friendly russians stella polaris and rebellion have provided cover in russian time. We've killed a couple of dozen towers, which has been boring since PL can't compete with our ~massive blob~.

Recent tower kills

As a high point, we did get to drop supercarriers on some PL triage carriers and kill shadoo, who is an FC or leader or something.


I also, for the first time ever, encountered an unstronted pos during this operation. Thanks PL.


  1. Hey, nice blog i read it some times,

    im a Member of -VE- so maybe we fight togehther soon.


  2. Hey, thanks.

    Seems likely, word is the russians will be restarting their invasion soon.