Sunday, March 20, 2011

DRF vs NC: Another biggest supercap fight ever, part 2

After downtime everybody rushed to log in, and both sides loaded at the same time. We warped to the station immediately, lit cyno there and jumped in some more caps. A single hostile nyx warped to the station and we killed it.

The system was laggy and horribly bugged. Joining fleet lagged clients out and made outstanding calls never go down ever again.

After a while the node just sort of stopped. I'm used to lag, even extreme lag. I was in uemon when we lost all those titans; I was in LXQ when local broke 3000. This lag was much worse.

Supers were eventually ordered to recall drones and warp to friendly towers, and eventually we jumped out. This left system control in the hands of the russians while we had a bunch of supers blackscreened or logged out and not disappearing from space. At the time of posting we have lost at least 3 supercarriers. At this point we know the hostiles will retake and rep the station, so we're back to where we started.

There were two problems today. The first was engaging hostile supers on their tower. The second was leaving system and letting our supers get killed.

Sorry. There were 99 problems today, and 97 were CCP. The first four of CCP's problems are as follows:

1. Not letting the node die when it was broken.
2. Joining fleets in a laggy system makes clients stop working.
3. Ships do not disappear after 15 minutes after logging off. Or ever. Sometimes even in non-laggy systems.
4. I'm going to throw botting in here for the heck of it.

Confirmed dead:


tish magev aeon
xan fenix nyx
lord dooks aeon
??? ???


drakul pensignton nyx