Thursday, March 31, 2011

DRF vs NC: Brief geminate update

In the aftermath of the DRF reinforcing everything in geminate we lost two outposts, out of 7-ish which were reinforced. This isn't as bad as I had expected, so maybe they aren't quite confident to use their supers in EU/US time routinely. As mentioned in my previous post one had a horrible timer and was a foregone conclusion, and I guess they picked up one of the 6 which came out during euro and US time. At the moment the DRF have 4 outposts in geminate, which are all reinforced constantly what with :time zone war: and shit. At the moment there are also like 18 hostile towers reinforced in geminate, probably mostly technetium moons since there's no other reason there would be so many. As I recall from the atlas invasion there are like 12 or 16 in the region, which should come out around 50 billion isk per month.

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