Tuesday, September 20, 2011


So, it's over. The NC is dead. The DRF ... are an unstoppable juggernaut. They control more than half of player-sov nullsec (18 of 35 regions) even if they choose not to also take the DC's space; they control all the game's technetium if they choose to take the rest; and they have more firepower than the rest of 0.0 combined.

But it's cool, keep partying about the NC being dead. I'm sure things will be so much better now.

You've seen it already, but this is a fucking epic infographic:

Nullsec is dead. The only pvp left is welpcat fleets in delve, and the whole point of those is that they don't matter.

Funny thing about being an ex-nullsec guy, I consider the state of null to be the most important thing in eve. Everything else is either completely trivial, or subordinate to the state of nullsec; and if nullsec is dead, it feels like eve is dead. No more wars, no more epic struggles. What's left, small gang pvp? Sitting in empire making money?

I can handle sitting in empire making money, but unless null revives at some point wealth will become meaningless because there will never be anything to spend money on. And then what's the point?


  1. In a sense, Nullsec under DCF would be a football competition with only one team, and about as exciting.

  2. Partying over the demise of the NC? Dude, nobody even cares about the NC anymore...

  3. I see you didn't notice the 'remember when I said' part or the the hyperlink to the original post, and that you are unaware that italics are frequently used to indicate a quote.

    I'm sorry to learn that you are bad at the internet. Let me help you out: The quote is from a June 10 post, at which time it was relevant. The reason I felt the need to copy it here is because I fucking called it.

    Hope this helps~

  4. So what? The biggest bullies in the sand box have taken all the sand. You can cry to mommy (CCP) that it is not fair and wait for mommy to fix it or attempt to take some of the sand back yourself.

    Possibly there could be a "EPIC struggle" involved when a small but growing band of rebel pilots, despite overwhelming odds, manage by whatever means to stand up to and ultimately overthrow the most powerful empire the galaxy has ever seen. (Hmmm there is a movie in that somewhere...)

  5. Let's be serious, DCF can spout all the propaganda they want, but the truth is that the DCF will collapse in on itself. We've seen much worse from much smaller coalitions. All those cliches, history...doomed to repeat...blah blah blah. There's one thing we can be sure of: greed. And that one thing will lead to the fall of the DCF. As a nomadic 0.0 member I say fuck the DCF, fuck the Goons, and fuck Test. I never thought i'd say this but SirMolle...we need you.

  6. @anonymous

    You're in the DRF aren't you? I'm getting a 'mad' vibe.

    Let me explain why your star wars fantasy is dumb:

    -If every single nullsec alliance which is not in or NAPped with the DRF formed a coalition (which will not happen) they would still be impossibly outnumbered and outclassed.
    -Winning against overwhelming odds doesn't happen in eve, for most values of overwhelming.
    -Supercapital fleets cannot be killed by smaller ships (hopefully this will be fixed).
    -The DRF has effectively infinite resources. Plucky bands of rebels do not.
    -The rebels in star wars won by assassinating the emperor. Killing DRF leadership in real life would be really uncool.


    Since I posted this I've been trying to think where new wars could come from, and as far as I can see the only hope is that you're right and the DRF splinters or collapses.

    I see three possibilities:

    -The way things are today goons will never fight xdeath, and xdeath/RA/solar will never reset each other. This leaves the possibility of raiden/tri breaking off or something like that.

    -Actual collapse from within. The DRF has been very stable for a very long time, so I am not optimistic about this.

    -Internal decay leading to collapse under underwhelming outside pressure (bob mk 3 style). This probably won't happen in the immediate future, but could be a long term possibility.

    A fourth possibility would be a black swan event -- something completely unanticipated by bittervet armchair generals such as myself.

    Nothing lasts forever, of course. The question to my mind is whether it will last long enough to cause permanent damage to the game.

    Hopefully I'm just being pessimistic. Maybe by this time next year the DRF will be dead and gone, and nullsec will be in the midst of a new age of killing and nonprosperity. The long term trend toward larger coalitions and increased stability really tends to suggest otherwise, though.

  7. @Parasoja

    I definitely forsee option #3 happening (Internal decay). It's inevitable, it always happens, and it _will_ happen with DCF. I don't care how long they've been an alliance/coalition, once you start adding (assimilating?) new members you will eventually run out of trustworthy people to add. So at first people will be loyal but eventually the people they add will be nothing more than blues who are sided by "being blue" alone who's actual loyalties lie somewhere else. The DCF propaganda (just like all propaganda) looks good on paper but sooner or later, and it will be sooner than later, will dissolve and groups will defect and get greedy. Call it a hunch but I can't see the DCF lasting more than a few months as a the 'powerbloc'. It will fragment and 0.0 will return to normal.

  8. And for fuck sake, make a weekly podcast. It's simple, set your podcast up as follows: EVE news, what you're doing, answer reader questions. Those three sections will last at least 10/15 minutes which is long enough to be a good podcast. If it runs longer that's great if not that's fine. 10/15 min is long enough to get people to listen. Do you realize we have no place to turn for good EVE news? EN24? Fuck them. As it goes with all news organizations, we want the truth not some biased, poorly written article (read: Riverini...fuck him). Make the podcast already. Seriously.

  9. I really do appreciate the enthusiasm, but it's not going to happen.

    I'm retired. I barely post. I'm not doing anything interesting. I get all my news from EN24. I don't get reader questions on a weekly basis. When I ask myself if there is a reason for such a thing to exist the answer is no.

    Anyway, why not you? You have the enthusiasm for it, so it seems to me that you would be the right person to make one. Go forth, and live the dream!

  10. I get so tired of these depressed posts from all these bloggers.
    So you lost, your alliance lost, get over it.
    Its a freaking game.
    Its time to man up and deal with it.
    If other 0.0 forces had joined together and helped each other maybe things would be different.
    After all it is what the DRF did.
    Cool Fact: 2 of the 4 main alliances in the DRF have not really participated in the AAA war.
    People can whine all they want, its a game and is decently fair.
    While other alliances battled for sov the DRF built up their supercap forces.
    Supers were never this much of a problem with the NC but now when the shoe is on the other foot it is an ungodly crime against the eve community.
    The only bloc that could have opposed DRF, Goons had a old bropack with XxDeathxX and RED.
    When Atlas and IT rose to power their were people that opposed them because they were power hunger and cut corners to get to their goals, but DRF has not really.

    In fact by forming a megacoalition they are in effect helping to congeal all of those who oppose them. Which could lead to a large enough force to fragment them.

    Sidenote: Dont do nothing but rant, then complain that nothing is happening, when in history has that ever accomplished anything?

  11. Hello, Talking Points Poster Who Totally Isn't Following The Discussion #2340985. Please enjoy your stay.

  12. 'When Atlas and IT rose to power their were people that opposed them because they were power hunger and cut corners to get to their goals, but DRF has not really'

    lol what?? have you not heard about the amount of russians botting out in DRF space?

  13. OMG stop pretending the drf are the only alliance with bots