Friday, September 30, 2011

September monthly financial report


-This sheet is way too long, and it's going to get longer in the future. I'm going to have to revise the format.

-Major expenses in September included 2 plex (about 800 mil) and a second freighter (also about 800 mil), which does not appear on the 'ships' section of the net worth section yet. These account for most of the difference between the 'monthly net profit' and 'increase in net worth' figures.

-I've changed how I figure mineral costs. The new method saves a lot of effort, and moves buy order fees from the overhead section to the outlay figure under manufacturing.

-A number of the ships sold this moth were spillover from last month -- in particular runs 4 and 5, from which 6 out of 8 ships were actually sold last month. Only two ship sales are going to spill over from September to October. Because of this, and another factor about which I will post later, I expect ships sold in October to decrease from this month's figure.

-Run 13 is much less interesting than it looks.

-'Approximate' and 'real' in the manufacturing runs -- only entries which are marked 'real' are used to calculate monthly profit. The 'approximate' numbers are for individual ships in multi-ship runs, and are slightly wrong while the 'total' figure for multi-ship runs is accurate. I am phasing out 'approximate' figures because :effort:. Getting rid of them means my net worth figure will lag a little, but I don't actually care about that.

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