Sunday, January 29, 2012

Loot pr0n

Went out to null for some exploration (using the minimize trick to avoid crashes). First site of the day is a 6/10 and bam.

Drop is worth 3458m at the time of writing.

EDIT: Prices on the invulns are dropping quickly, but I managed to sell it for 2.46b.


  1. minimize trick!?!

    Please expand.

  2. If you run in windowed mode and the client is minimized while you load the next system, it doesn't crash. So if you only have trouble when changing constellations, if the next system is in a different const, warp to the gate, hit jump, then minimize. Wait 10 seconds and un-minimize.

    I cannot confirm that this works for everybody, or that it always works, or that it works for other travel methods, but while using it I have not crashed.