Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April monthly financial report

Well this'll be a weird one.

The reason that no ships are showing up under the manufacturing section is that during this month, no builds (which consist of 3-4 ships) sold all their ships. This is the result of the whole "holding on to ships for hilarious profits" thing, which - as you might guess from the fact that I increased my net worth by 13 billion isk this month without doing any actual work - is going pretty well. Most ships are currently at reasonable margins above the new mineral price, with the notable exception of the phoenix. Thanatos is selling a little low at 18% over mineral, but that's still a profit of 200 million.

The revelation blueprint in the science and trade section was only researched to 1/0, in case anybody was wondering. I had gotten an NPC blueprint to research a few months back, but somebody finally put up a 6/1 for a reasonable price. Now I'm using that and my old 3/1 is in research.

In unrelated news, as of about two days ago I have been playing eve for half as long as the game has been running

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