Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Capital manufacturing update: Process A, go!

So, funny thing. I have two accounts, which gives me up to six building characters. I have three currently, and I've been training the other three.

Now, stations have a maximum of 50 slots. My current building station has one or two other people building in it, and on rare occasions can run out of free slots. Also, three characters is more than enough to keep one of each capital ship blueprint in production constantly.

I'd like to build with all 6 characters. To accomplish this I will start a second capital manufacturing process, hereby named process A, in a different station. Also a different region, which should provide valuable data, let me station trade ships in twice as many regions should I decide to get into that, and mitigate the small amount of downward pressure on prices that I exert.

A will take a while to get running, because I need to get component and ship blueprints for it.

I already have many of the component blueprints, fortunately. I'm in the middle of researching replacements for the poorly researched component blueprints in my current manufacturing process (now known as process 1), and the originals will become blueprints for process 2. I'm also researching a bunch of component blueprints to sell, and some of those those can be used to fill in many of the gaps. Alas, there are three component blueprints which I own no spare copies of, and these will be my first priority for buying.

The state of process A component blueprints is thusly:

Ships will be the hard part. Clearing out stock that I've been holding because of the mineral price increase should free up quite a bit of liquidity, and I can hope that I sell a supercarrier bpo, but odds are I'm going to end up putting all my spare change into ship blueprints for several months.

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