Friday, June 29, 2012

Apathy revolution and capital manufacturing status update

My favorite thing about building capitals is that I don't have to be at the keyboard for most of it. If I don't feel like logging in for a few days, I just don't; even if ships are finishing or I should really be buying minerals for another run, skiving off just delays future profits; and I'm at a point where money is pretty much meaningless so long as I make my 2 plex per month.

Trouble is, I'm spending more and more time not feeling like getting things done in eve. At the same time that extra component blueprints are finishing research and increasing my capacity to build ships, I'm not feeling like moving minerals into place to take advantage of those blueprints. Neither am I thinking about eve at all in my spare time.

Hum. Odds are it's a passing thing.

As for capital manufacturing:

Process 1 (running):

Rorquals have historically been a very good ship to build, so I added a third rorqual BPO here. Spare component blueprints are finishing research and coming available, which should increase my manufacturing capacity. Thinking about adding a second archon and second moros here as well.

Also, nearly all the poorly researched component blueprints in this process have been replaced with well-researched component blueprints.

Process A (starting up):

Still looking for 2 archon and 2 moros blueprints. The first component blueprints here are starting to finish research, but I don't expect to install the first manufacturing run for about another 2 months.


  1. The aphaty is connected with lack of purpose.

    Why do you play EVE? Why do you blog? What do you want to achieve with these? Surely not pixel capital ships.

    I am busy like a bee because I have a purpose here. I hope you find yours too because I'd hate to see you go.

    1. Lack of purpose is, indeed, precisely the problem. I'm space-retired, just sitting back and spending a few hours per month managing my investments so that I can continue to play for free indefinitely. No goals, no purpose... the only item left on my bucket list is flying a titan in combat, and I don't feel like putting forth the effort of getting back into nullsec in order to make that a reality.

      It's sort of a shame, I suppose, but bittervet wisdom does hold that one wins eve by not logging in.

    2. NOOOO!!!
      One wins EVE by making EVERYONE ELSE not logging in!

      I'm seeing a place in the Galaxy that can be the seed of something great. I hope you linger around for some more time to see it to come into fruition.

  2. You are only logging in due to inertia as you reached your goals = beaten your game. You are not even playing anymore, nor having fun. Take a break for several months, see if you will want to come back with new set of goals.

  3. It's a shame the Phoenix isn't very profitable rgiht now, because I happen to have a Phoenix BPO ME 6 PE 1.