Thursday, June 14, 2012

In which eve bloggers are weak, stupid crybabies

So I don't log in for a few days, and suddenly the blagosphere is going crazy over something something mittens something something. Apparently, mittens decided to wardec a few bloggers who don't like him. Or something.

The response from the community is varied, of course. Mabrik, one of the actual targets, decided to take the radical step of watching local once the wardec went live. Three days later, he eventually saw one war target. The rest of the blogosphere, sadly, has not been so reasonable: Yuki Onna, one of the other targets, quit the game and closed down his and/or her blog. Mord fiddle, formerly respected nullsec commentator, has elected to sperge about mittens "silencing and driving out" dissenting voices, and even went full tin foil retard over the "Oh hey, we didn't actually mean for it to be possible for an unlimited number of entities to be at war with another entity forever for free" changes.

Get some perspective, people. Mittens has no ability to shut down your blog or make you stop playing. Yuki was not silenced or driven out -- he and/or she decided to ragequit instead of making the effort to adapt.

Since it apparently, somehow, falls to me of all people to be the voice of reason, I do hereby welcome the rest of you delicate flowers to eve online: A game in which sometimes people do bad things to you. The basics are as follows:

1. Sometimes people do bad things to you.
2. Use your damn brain and adapt, you pansy.

As for "standing together", I can stand perfectly well on my own, thanks... and from where I'm standing, I can see the rest of you running around like chickens with their heads cut off. It's hilarious.


  1. LOL! Nice!
    A refreshing perspective compared to all the tin foil and Cyanide pills being handed out.
    You actually ARE the voice of reason here, Para. Many thanks!

  2. Don't worry Para - Mord Fiddle is carrying the fight to Mittens for all Eve blogger-kind. Even you (and you're welcome).

    As soon as Mittens ends his targeting of Eve bloggers I shall happily stand down. Then puppies and unicorns shall frolic and gambol happily in the meadows of New Eden, and Goons shall once again be safe from my righteous anger. My terms for accepting Mittens' surrender on behalf of the Eve blogging community may be found at

  3. For the most part, I agree. I live in NPC nullsec, so neither Goons nor empire wars affect me in any case.

    However, I do wonder about the boundaries and extent of Mitten's campaign against his detractors. If he really does sic the full resources of Goonswarm on an individual, and hounds that individual in perpituity, no matter what corps he joins or where in the Eve universe he lives, until the individual quits Eve, is that crossing any lines? I believe CCP actually does have an anti-griefing policy, it's just that they don't consider most harassment in Eve to be griefing. But maybe this would be?

    Also, is it even possible to such a fatwa being declared against them? No matter how you change your play style, the Goons could follow you and shut you down. In theory. So would selling your main and buying an unknown alt be the only recourse?

    1. It's a fair discussion to have. I haven't actually heard of anything like that happening, but this being eve it is bound to happen eventually.

      Historically CCP have been pretty lenient about things that could be considered harassment, except under very narrow circumstances (starter systems, e.g.). Since the final determination is up to them as to whether other things done entirely inside the game mechanics, I don't really feel like theorycrafting about it.

      As for adapting to a fatwa, it's definitely possible. If I were still actually actively playing, and if the enemy were able to disrupt my manufacturing, I would just go back to ninja exploration -- logging out in space every day in deep nullsec systems 30 jumps apart will defeat any _reasonable_ attempt to search and destroy. Another idea would be moving to w-space. You could even go nomadic there, if the enemy were determined enough that they were able to find your wormhole.

      However, it seems that many highsec types don't have the initiative to get into those sorts of things.

  4. From a comment left on my blog by Powers I think the intent was to war-dec all high-sec carebear corps - not just the vocal dissent. However, they started with the "easy" targets first. Then they got dog-piled and had to stop declaring wars. I think that left everyone with the impression this was aimed only at those who disagree with The Mittani. I do not feel this is the correct impression. Now, if the Goons are smart, they will start a rotating war schedule. Keeping someone locked into a forever-war, as they have hopefully learned, is not fun at all. It isn't even being hard core. It's being mean like torturing puppies. Perhaps they are correct saying high-sec carebears need a wake-up. That does not mean their game has to be completely changed/ruined for them. Lastly, I support Mord Fiddle's crusade. It isn't about griefing Goons. It's about standing up for freedom of expression. That's a worthy cause!

    1. I haven't heard anything about wardeccing all highsec corps. I have heard things about targeting, well, people like you --

  5. And then Mittens and Goons got their buts kicked so the rules were changed to even further protect them.

    You are boring.

  6. I'm right there with you. Blogging community needs to HTFU.