Friday, November 2, 2012

Break-even day

When I started building capital ships, my goal was to make enough each month to buy plex for my accounts.

This turns out to have been somewhat of a low bar to clear, but I still buy plex right after finishing my monthly financial report so that I can can see my change-in-net-worth figure turn negative, then positive again.



  1. Looking at the difference you seem to have bought 2 and a half plex.
    I thought someone like you would have many more accounts

    1. Two plex and... maybe some other minor expenses, not sure.

      Two accounts, but they're fully utilized -- 3 characters each, and each character has 10 manufacturing and 10 research slots. Currently have 10 manufacturing slots going spare, but those will be used for mineral compression eventually.

  2. That's dedication, I wouldn't have guessed that your JF pilots, cyno, and combat pilots all had PE5 and 10 slots.