Saturday, November 10, 2012

I didn't choose the mission runner life, the mission runner life chose me

No, seriously. This **** is ****ing tedious as **** and you couldn't pay me to do it if it wasn't going to make my life easier in the future.

Another 3-ish weeks and mineral compression should be up and running.


  1. My Caldari state standing is 9.33
    My Caldari Navy standing is 9.56

    It wasn't hard, complicated or even annoying. What kind of missions did you do?

    1. Distribution is all the corp I needed had.

      It took whole hours.

    2. I did distributions too, and they could be done AFK. Did you do them in lowsec? They surely had no storyline agents?

    3. Different people have different tolerances for grinding.

      For my Jita trader, which I barely use anymore, I managed to get CN up to 4.00 doing L3 distribution missions until I fed up completely.

      However for compression alt, which has good combat capabilities, all it took ~5 hours of enjoyable L3 missioning in Talos.

  2. I am currently grinding away distribution missions for 6.67 compression tax-free standings, and after three nights, I'm at 2.86. (Started slightly negative. A 'night' is ~2 hours of playing.) The four story line missions I have done put me in a similar place with the local faction, too.

    Is there a faster way to gind faction? (Anchoring a POS in 0.6, is 6.0 standings if I recall)
    How long will distributions missions take me once I hit level 3/4 missions?

  3. It really takes a long time with distribution missions. I have high standings with many corps now, but I did it all through encounter missions.
    The most important thing is to get your storyline missions through your intended corp. When you do a storyline you get a BIG standing with the corp of the storyline agent. That agent will be the closest storyline agent from the correct faction (disregarding corp) when you've finished your 16th ordinary mission in a row.
    It's worth the effort of finding a place where you can do both regular and storyline missions for the same corp. It speeds up the process immensely.

  4. Combat missions give more storyline rep than fedex ones, so word is, if you make your first mission combat, and do fedex for the rest, the storyline will be a combat type, aka, more rep. Never tried it myself, so not sure.